A Few of My Favorite Things . . . about Landon

On Saturday, March 21, 2015 I will officially be the mother of a four-year-old.¬†I have no idea how this happened, or rather, how this happened so fast. ¬†Though sadly, it means¬†I’m also 4 years older,¬†ironically,¬†this amazing human being has made me feel younger in so many ways. Perhaps it’s because I’m happier than I’ve ever been, or perhaps it’s because having your own children often reminds us of what it’s like to be a kid again.¬†¬†Whichever it is, I’m so excited to watch Mr. Landon John Broihier continue to mature and grow. I absolutely love the adventure he is taking me on. So in celebration of the best four-year-old on the planet, here are five of my favorite things about Landon:

1.¬†He’s super cuddly. ¬†

From what I’ve heard on the street, this may not be forever, so I’m enjoying all the hugs and kisses that I can for as long as I can. I’ve been traveling a lot the past two weeks with just Liam and him, so Landon and I have been sharing a bed. I’ve been soaking in the moments of¬†falling asleep next to him, since I’m sure there will be a point where sleeping next to Mommy is no longer the cool thing to do. Note to self: Remember¬†this when he asks me if I can snuggle with him when I’m in the middle of vacuuming or doing some other tedious project that is so not important.

Landon’s a¬†big fan of the “family snuggle.” If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend incorporating a “family snuggle” into your life – it’s definitely one of the best parts of my week. ¬†All it takes is for one member of the family to call out or request “Family Snuggle!” and everyone just cuddles up, snuggles, and hugs each other. THE BEST.

And as some of you have experienced, Landon’s also a big fan ofgroup hugs. So if you see him and need a hug, don’t hesitate to ask. He’s one of the best huggers I know.


2. He’s polite (or at least trying to be).

This is actually my new favorite quality. After riding him for about two weeks on interrupting people, he now constantly says “Excuse me.” He still interrupts people sometimes but now he at least does it with an adorable,“Excuse me” (so we still have to work on application). I’ll take credit for “Excuse me,” but just recently as we were leaving the airport, he held the door for me and said, “After you, Mommy” (and he even tried to help me with the luggage).¬†I’m not quite sure where he picked this one up from, but whomever it is, thank you.


3. He loves to exercise.

Shocker, right? ¬†Clearly, exercise is an important part of my life and something I hope to instill in my kids. Luckily, I haven’t had to try very hard with Landon. He loves playing sports – soccer, baseball, football, basketball. He’s obsessed with jousting and sword fighting. He rides his scooter or bike every day. ¬†And of course, ¬†he LOVES a good dance party. He has some pretty sweet moves.


4. ¬†He’s so¬†handsome.

I know, I know, what mom doesn’t think her son is handsome, but we actually have Handsome Contests at our house. The Handsome Contest is¬†something I’ve been meaning to blog about and share with you for a while now. At my sister-in-law’s wedding last May, we were a little nervous about whether Landon would be willing to wear his ring bearer outfit. (He was basically dressed identical to my husband, who was a groomsmen.) ¬†My creative¬†husband joked around with Landon that there was going to be a Handsome Contest and that he was going to win. Landon’s competitive streak got the better of him;¬†he put on his outfit without hesitation and won the contest (I was the judge of course). Now, we have handsome contests regularly at our house. I know he can only be the winner for so much longer, as once Liam understands what’s going on, the contest will either have to¬†retire or constantly end in a tie.

IMG_22415. He has the best sense of humor.

Whether he’s making up silly songs about “buns and toes” (Don’t worry – you’re not supposed to understand that.) or just asking hilarious questions that four-year-olds do, this little man makes me laugh each and every day, usually multiple times a day. ¬†Here is one of my favorite recent conversations, that had me laughing for days. I hope it makes you smile too.

Landon: Mommy, I want another row (of seats) in our car. 

Me: Maybe we will someday – when you have more brothers or sisters.

Landon: When will that be?

Me: I don’t know. Sometime soon probably (not too soon).

Landon: How will we get more brothers and sisters?

Me: Daddy and I will have to make them.

Landon: How will you make them? 

Me: Lets talk to Daddy later. He can tell you.

Landon: Can I watch you make them?

Me: ¬†No, I don’t think so. Daddy and I have to be really careful about how we make them.

Landon: I can be careful too, Mommy.

Me: Yea, I don’t think so, Landon. Daddy and I really need to make them by ourselves.¬†


Granted, I have about a million other things I love about my first-born, but these are the ones that stand out the most right now. Happy Birthday, Landon!  I love you.

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