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Cardio, Core, Stretch & Strength Conditioning Exercises

Hey there, Mama. Your body will be working HARD during this miraculous time, and I want you to stay safe and strong, and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy.

I’m Sara Haley, mom of 4, pre and postnatal exercise specialist, former Reebok and celebrity personal trainer, and the creator of award-winning pregnancy and postpartum exercise programs.

It’s not easy to know which exercises are the best ones for pregnancy. These quickie workouts will provide you with safe and effective exercises for all three trimesters of pregnancy. Plus, you’ll get to see what they look like on a pregnant body. They are under 10 minutes—and free—so I’d love for you to take advantage of them. I want you to feel healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy.

Enjoy 4 Free Workouts!from Sara Haley, voted one of Shape magazine’s hottest trainers.

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Why You’ll Love These Workouts

  • You can do the best pregnancy exercises from home with a fellow pregnant mama.
  • You will know how to safely workout with your growing belly.
  • You will learn exercises that will minimize diastasis recti (abdominal separation).
  • You will be preparing your body for labor, delivery and postnatal recovery.
  • You will see how these exercises look on an actual pregnant body.

I am not only a pregnancy fitness specialist, I’ve been there.
I get you.
Really get you.

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“With so much misinformation on prenatal and postnatal exercise, Sara is someone I am consistently referring people to. She is someone I trust when it comes to safely working out during pregnancy to avoid a diastasis recti. I love her workouts because they mix things up, keep me from getting bored and feel like actual workouts I was doing before I got pregnant!”

– Sarah Dussault, Fit Mommy Blogger @SarahFit

“As the former Fitness Director for Fit Pregnancy Magazine for 13 years, from inception and launch to 2006, I had the opportunity to work with amazing pre- and post-natal experts. If I had know her then, Sara Haley would have been one of my regular go-to for reliable information. Sara is a modern and extremely knowledgeable specialist in this category, with a fresh, safe and realistic approach for moms-to-be and new moms. I’ve also been fortunate to work with Sara on a few projects and I can honestly say — she is on top of her game!”

– Linda Shelton, Former Fitness Director of Fit Pregnancy Magazine

“I found Sara during my 2nd pregnancy and boy what a difference! My favorite things about working out with Sara are that she is so relatable and encouraging; it’s like working out with a friend. Sara helped me maintain my strength and stamina which totally helped me on delivery day (#tenpoundbaby).”

– Jenn, Mom of three

“I have produced fitness videos for many professionals. Sara’s knowledge as a pre and post-natal exercise specialist is superior to others. I recommend her programs to all of my new momma & momma to be friends.”

– Rachel Tonick, CEO of FitLife Productions

Get 4 Free Workouts

What You’ll Receive In Your Inbox


Stay strong with some of the best pregnancy exercises to condition your body for what’s to come—this can make labor, delivery and postpartum recovery EASIER on you.


Learn how to modify classic cardio drills to stay safe while getting an effective workout.


Learn a core conditioning routine that will minimize diastasis recti and keep your core strong throughout your entire pregnancy.


Relieve some of those aches and pains from pregnancy with safe, ahhh-mazing stretches.

Get 4 Free Workouts

Medical Warning

Please consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise program. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Any user of this exercises program assumes the risk of injury from performing the exercises shown. The creators, publishers, performers, and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice contained herein. The instructions and advice in this program are not intended to replace medical advice or treatments by your physician. Always use proper form and remain balanced and in control when completing the exercises shown in this video. Only use the fitness equipment as demonstrated in the workouts. It is your responsibility to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly and secure prior to use. If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your fitness abilities, or if you feel discomfort, you should stop exercising immediately.

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