Expecting MoreĀ®: The 4th Trimester Workout is alsoĀ available through AmazonĀ for U.S. residents.

Expecting MoreĀ®: The 4th Trimester Workout includes a calendar to help you progress safely through your recovery. The workouts include:

Mat Core: Rebuild core awareness with foundational exercises designed to regain core strengthĀ and get your abs back. (19 min)

Seated Core: Moms are on theĀ floorĀ all the time. Ā These seated excises strengthen your core and tighten your abs so you can maintainĀ good posture and live pain-free. Hand towel needed. (16 min)

Standing Core: Challenge your balance and increase your core stability with functional and unique standing core exercises. (9 min)

Stretch: As moms, our bodies constantlyĀ feel taxed. Stretch your muscles in aĀ dynamic way for ultimate relief and recovery. Hand towel needed. (9 min)

Cardio Flow: Cardio and toning exercises are linked together with a flow of movement that leaves you feeling sweaty, strong, flexible and free. (22 min)

Cardio Drills: Burn fat and build cardioĀ enduranceĀ with a combo of cardio intervals and active recovery. (23 min)

Cardio Sculpt: Interval train with cardio and sculpting exercises to burn fat and tone your body from head to toe. Hand towel needed. (24 min)

Strengthen & Tone: Tone your problem areas and create strong, lean muscles, that as a mom, you now need more than ever. Hand weights optional. (31 min)