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Do you want to stay fit during pregnancy, but you’re not sure where to begin?

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Cardio, Core, Boxing, Barre, Weight Training, and More

Are you wanting to prep your body for all stages of pregnancy and beyond?

It is so important to stay fit and strong — it makes labor, delivery and postpartum recovery EASIER on you.

I know you feel limited with the choices you can make right now. You can’t eat this, and you can’t wear that. With this 12-workout pregnancy collection (and over 40 different combinations of exercises), I give you OPTIONS from the type of workout you want to do to how long you want to workout for, and even how intense you want the workout to feel.

I get it, Mama. I’ve been there — 3 times now. I designed this safe pregnancy workout collection to let YOU decide what you need and when you need it.

I want to empower and educate you. Once you know the right way to move, you can modify almost any workout you love — whether you’re taking a barre class, in a boxing gym, or doing your favorite at-home workout.

How Does It Work?

During pregnancy, each day is different.

I want you to always listen to your body, and do what feels good to you.

Each workout is broken up into blocks of exercises, to be as flexible as you need.

You Do You

A little tired? Maybe it’s a 1 block kind of a day.

Have a ton of energy? Challenge yourself with 4 blocks of cardio drills.

Can’t decide what to do? Combine 1 block from 3 different workouts.


I’ll Tell You What To You

I created calendars with daily recommended workouts and blocks.

They are designed so that you continue to mix things up.

You won’t get bored, and your body won’t either.

This is all about you, Mama.

I want you to feel confident, happy and energized
throughout your entire pregnancy.

Why You’ll Love
These Workouts

Why Staying Fit During
Pregnancy is So Important

You will sweat and have fun.


It can help reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling.

You will learn safe and effective exercises for pregnancy.


It can ease morning sickness.

You will learn about diastasis recti and ways to minimize it.


It can help you sleep better.

You will be strong for your labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.


It can increase your moods and energy levels.

You will improve your posture and core strength.


It can help you stay in the healthy weight gain zone.

You will increase your cardio endurance.


It can lower your chances of getting gestational diabetes.

Access these prenatal exercises online, from anywhere.


It can help with the efficiency of your baby’s heart.

 — PLUS —

Pregnant women who workout regularly are:

55% Less LikelyTo have an Episiotomy*

75% Less LikelyTo need forceps for delivery*

4x Less LikelyTo have a c-section*

And of course, you will feel more confident in your ever-changing body.

*Suzanne Schlosberg. “33 Reasons to Exercise Now.” Meredith Health Group, 2018. Web. 13 June 2018.

Meet Your Trainer, Coach, and Workout Partner

I’m Sara…

…a former Reebok and celebrity personal trainer, the creator of award-winning prenatal and postnatal exercise programs, and a wife and mom of 3.

I began my career as a professional dancer for the NBA and performed in commercials and off-Broadway shows in NYC. In 2007, I was recruited by Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. As a Reebok Master Trainer, I traveled all over the world to train other fitness trainers and instructors and created and starred in numerous Reebok & Gaiam DVD workout programs.

Along this journey, I became a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist — and found my niche in the fitness industry. When I became pregnant, I noticed a need for challenging, safe, and inspiring pregnancy workouts, so I created my own. Expecting MORE® and Expecting MORE®:The 4th Trimester Workout have both won National Parenting Publication Awards. My Pregnancy Workout Essentials Collection is my latest release, with over 6½ hours of content, so you will never feel bored.

I know what it’s like…

…to feel limited and want MORE out of your workouts.
…to have days where feel you exhausted and wish you could just do your workout lying down.
…to feel ‘stuck’ in a pregnant body and want to move like you did prior to pregnancy.
…to feel confused about which exercises you can do that will keep your baby safe while still keeping you motivated.
…to know that you should keep your core strong but afraid that you’ll do the wrong exercises (and end up with diastasis recti).
…to want to do things you love, but at a pace that’s appropriate for your growing pregnant body.

And because I know what it’s like, I’m sharing with you the tools that have helped me through my pregnancies. I get you, Mama. I really do, and I’m here to help.

I would be honored to be part of your motherhood journey.

Bonuses for the Bump, Booty + Beyond

Along with the 12 workouts, you will receive:

  • 10 recipes for delectable, healthy versions of top pregnancy cravings (think mac and cheese, pizza…) created by an integrative nutrition health coach
  • Recommended pregnancy workout calendars if you prefer to be guided on a daily basis
  • 10 beautifully-designed mantras to inspire you during your pregnancy—great for delivery room décor and social sharing
  • An extensive Q&A section that addresses important pregnancy workout topics and how to get the most out of this program
  • An invitation to my private Facebook Group—a haven for mamas-to-be with questions about their fitness journey

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The Workouts

Core | Cardio & Conditioning | On the Mat | Barre


Diastasis recti, or the separation of the abdominals, is a concern for many pregnant women. In these workouts, you’ll learn and perform safe core exercises to help minimize your chances of diastasis recti, while still stabilizing and strengthening your core.

Cardio & Conditioning

Cardio exercise and total body conditioning are essential for staying fit throughout your pregnancy. Use these workouts to cross-train, build cardio endurance and have fun!

On the Mat

Whether you’re stretching or resistance training, having the option to stay off your feet while working out is so important during pregnancy. Although these workouts are designed for all 3 trimesters, you’ll find that they will become some of your favorites the farther along you get in your pregnancy.


Barre workouts during pregnancy have so many benefits, including safe and effective core balance training and toning your body with new and different exercises. Mixing up your workouts is key to keeping your body and mind inspired.

Floor Core

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

In this floor workout, you will perform exercises to help minimize diastasis recti while strengthening and stabilizing your core—the section of your body most affected by pregnancy. Mat and pillows or wedge optional.

Elevated Core

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

From a standing position, you will work on your strength, stability and balance with these pregnancy safe, core-centric exercises. No equipment needed.

Core Flow

3 Blocks of Exercises

Flow through a series of pregnancy safe poses, designed to strengthen and stabilize your core while opening up your body and minimizing diastasis recti in my version of prenatal yoga. Mat optional.

Bump Drills

Warm Up + 4 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Get set to sweat with interval training. In this pregnancy safe workout, you will perform heart-pumping drills to work on your cardio endurance. Clear modifications are given throughout, so you can choose what feels right. No equipment needed.

Bump Dance

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

This cardio dance workout is designed to make you sweat and smile. No equipment needed.

Bump 'n Sculpt

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Strengthen and condition almost every major muscle group with this complete body-sculpting workout. You will prep your body for baby and beyond—and feel really strong. Hand weights needed. Pillows optional.

Bump 'n Box

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Kick it up a notch with this energy-boosting, boxing workout that’s been modified for pregnancy. At the end of this workout, you’ll feel conditioned from head to toe. No equipment needed.

On the Mat Stretch

1 Block of Exercises

Feel ahhh-mazingly relaxed, open and free, while increasing your mobility. I’ll take you through dreamy stretches to relieve your muscles of aches and pains from pregnancy. Mat recommended.

On the Mat Lower Body

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Feel. The. Burn. In this floor workout, you will feel it —almost immediately. Work your leg and glute muscles on the mat to get your lower body prepped for motherhood. Mat recommended.

On the Mat Upper Body

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Work your arms, back, chest and shoulders on the mat with weights. This workout will increase your strength for carrying your baby—and everything else that comes along with early stages of motherhood. Free weights needed. Mat recommended. Pillows or wedge optional.

Bumpin' at the Barre Lower Body

Warm Up + 3 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Strengthen and tone your legs, glutes and core through a series of barre inspired exercises supported by a chair. Uniquely fusing balletic and athletic moves, this workout is a must when you want to mix things up. Chair needed. Bun optional.

Bumpin' at the Barre Upper Body

Warm Up + 2 Blocks of Exercises + Cool Down

Strengthen and tone your entire upper body through a series of barre inspired exercises supported by a chair. This workout is great for days you’d like to stay off your feet—most of it is done from a seated position. Hand weights and chair needed. Bun optional.

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