Why I’m Back to Blogging

Ugh . . . this has taken me way too long, but I’m back! It’s been almost a year since I blogged . . . that sounds crazy to me, but when I think back on this past year – IT WAS CRAZY!

I do regret not blogging more over the past years. I wish I could go back and read my thoughts when the shutdown (due to COVID-19) happened and how I coped with all the kids home e-learning. I remember thinking about blogging about it so many times, and then the time just wasn’t there. I do hope that I’ll find a moment to record some of what that time was like.

I first started blogging pre-kids when I was traveling all the time personally and professionally. Although I don’t have ALL of our adventures recorded, I do have a lot of them that I’ve been meaning to transfer over to this blog. That’s just one of the many goals I have as I start blogging again here. For accountability purposes I’m recording my blogging goals here:

  1. As mentioned, I want to get all of my old travel blogs over here. I remember doing it because not only did I want to remember the details of the trips I went on, but I also thought that if I ever went back to those places, I’d want the names of the restaurants and places we visited so I could go back.
  2. I want to keep a record of the simple things that are happening in our family life, so my kids can remember and know how much I truly loved being with them.
  3. I like using my blog as a reference tool to find recipes and products I use. Just the other day, I shared my favorite bread pudding recipe with a friend, and all I had to do was shoot her the link.
  4. I want to spend less time sharing things on social media and more on a space I own. I don’t really own my account on Instagram, but I do own SaraHaley.com.
  5. I love writing, and I’m really trying to get back to doing more of the things I love.

What about you? Do you have any writing goals? Or maybe it’s not writing for you but something else you stopped doing in the past few years that you’d like to start doing more of again.

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