What’s Your Halloween Mom Name?

We moms may be a bit old for trick or treating, so instead I created a “treat” just for you. Download this PDF or save the image below to find out what your Halloween Mom Name is. Please share in the comments. They make me laugh every time. Happy Halloween! From, Boney Mami Werewolf

3 Things I Love About Kiera

Kiera turned three-years-old in June . . . about three months after most of Los Angeles shut down due to the Coronavirus. Then we took off to the Chicago suburbs for the summer . . . and I pretty much stopped blogging. When life get nuts, my blog is usually the first thing to go.…

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6 Things I Love About Liam

This comes out a little late due to the current circumstances in the world . . . from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and my job as a home-schooling mom coming to and end (fingers crossed) to the George Floyd riots and protests for #BlackLivesMatter life has been a little wild over the past few weeks.…

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My Running Journey: Day 1

I was feeling the heaviness of COVID-19 this morning . . . My husband said, as he often does when I’m in a mood, “Go for a run, Sara.”  I followed with my usual responses, “I can’t. I’ll leak.” or “I don’t want to. It doesn’t feel good.”  I’ve been with my husband since 1999…

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9 Things I LOVE About Landon

This post is coming out about a week later then intended, but the world is a strange place right now as we are all hunkered down during the 2020 corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. I couldn’t let a year go by without doing this since it’s become somewhat of a tradition (see years 8, 7, 6,…

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My Weekly Workouts Part 1

I listened to a podcast a few weeks ago where the host interviewed different fitness influencers and they shared their actual workout schedules. I think the purpose was to show how much intention and dedication it goes into being a fitness influencer. Maybe it was supposed to be motivational too. I can’t say I did…

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