5 Fun Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Happy almost Thanksgiving! It doesn’t really feel like the holidays if we don’t have the appropriate holiday books scattered throughout our house. We’ve been growing our collections since Landon was a baby (so for over a decade).  Our Thanksgiving collection isn’t quite as large as others, but here’s 5 of our favorites from this year:…

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What’s Your Halloween Mom Name?

We moms may be a bit old for trick or treating, so instead I created a “treat” just for you. Download this PDF or save the image below to find out what your Halloween Mom Name is. Please share in the comments. They make me laugh every time. Happy Halloween! From, Boney Mami Werewolf

3 Fun Easter Activities

Whether or not you celebrate Easter religiously, it can be a fun time of year to do some festive activities with the kids. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve been doing since Landon was little (There’s also a video you can watch below if you prefer the visual.). Easter Nest Wait, what?…

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The Best Halloween Books

Books are a big part of our holiday traditions. We have boxes of books for almost every holiday. I’m sure it’s because I grew up with a librarian and preschool teacher as my mother, but books are such a special part of my holiday memories. I hope my own kids feel the same way one…

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