5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads can be so tricky to shop for. Whether it’s because they are picky, they say they don’t need anything, or you’re just feeling at a loss for ideas, it can be a struggle to find them a gift that they will actually appreciate and use. Here are 5 ideas we’ve done (or are going to this year) for you to consider for Father’s Day.

1. DIY Father’s Day card

If nothing else, a card in your child’s own words can mean everything to a Dad. If you haven’t already, you can download and print my favorite one HERE. Ask your kids to fill it out in their own words. You can have them dictate to you or have them fill it out themselves.

2. A new bottle opener

If you’re house is like mine, we can always use (or are always losing) another bottle opener. My husband is a baseball coach, so I found this cool baseball one HERE that the boys are giving him this year.

3.  Coaching equipment

If you have a dad who also coaches, another great gift idea is a clipboard for coaching plays. Since we’ve been amidst baseball season, I got the hubs this cool dugout board for lineup and field position HERE. I also got this book that is a true story about a “small town coach who shaped big league dreams” called The Baseball Whisperer.

If basketball is his sport, I gave my husband this basketball dry erase board at Christmas time, and I may consider getting him this one for coaching soccer later this summer.

4. Speaker

A Bose speaker is always a great idea too if your hubby or dad likes music as much as mine. They can be on the pricey  side, and this one is going to be an upgrade for my husband. If you want something about half the price, check out this one.

5. Coupon Book

I found this one HERE that the kids can help you fill out. Here’s some of the ideas we included: one game of catch, one morning sleeping in, one back scratch (by Liam), football tosses in the yard, snuggle on the couch, chore of your choice. And by the way, there are also lots of free downloadable coupon books on line, like these on The Spruce Crafts blog.

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