My 2 Favorite Things About Kiera

I can’t believe Kiera is two-years-old today. I feel like I was just writing this exact post about Liam. This is a little challenging blog to write for this age because there are so many adorable things and narrowing it down to only two is hard, but here we go . . .

P.S. In case you haven’t read one of these before, I have a tradition of writing about my kids on their birthdays and make a list according to how old they are so this year it’s 2 things for Kiera, 5 for Liam and 8 for Landon.

1. Her Little Voice

Kiera is pretty much speaking in full sentences right now, which is partly why she seems so grown up. It’s not just the sound of her voice but the way she says things. It’s not “ya” or “yep” but a full on “Yes.” She almost always remembers to say “Thank you,” and I even heard her say “Thank you very much” the other day. My favorites are probably when she grabs my hand and says “Come Mama” and directs me to wherever she wants me to go, and then “I love you” when she goes to bed at night and will alternate saying it with me as I leave the room. As I go down the hall I hear – “I love you.” “No, I love you.” “I love you.”  And of course there’s the way she says her brothers’ names “Liam” and “NanNan” (for Landon).

2. Her Independence

Of course I love that she can play by herself sometimes. That works out nice for a tired Mama, but moreover, she is really into doing things by herself – putting on her shoes, feeding herself, cleaning up, and taking care of her babies. I’m sure it’s part of being the third child, but there are so many things she can already do on her own that continue to surprise me. We had a bounce house at our house for a Father’s Day party last weekend, and she just roamed back and forth by herself. Yes, I had to check in on her once in a while but she was totally fine hanging with the big kids and doing her thing.






















Oh, Kiera there are so many more things I love about you – your smile, your laugh, your hugs, your kisses, your singing, your dancing, and so much more. I look forward to adding to this list and sharing the details in years to come. In the meantime, a big happy birthday. Thank you for coming into our lives.

(If you’re curious what I said was my one favorite thing about Kiera last year, go HERE.)


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  1. My 3rd baby is the same way. He is very independent and always wanting to do things himself. Sometimes I forget that he is only 2 and still needs help with somethings. He’s such a big boy I just group him in with the other 2 boys.

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