5 Things I Love About Liam

My little Liam is 5-years-old today. Every year on my kids’ birthdays, I make up for my lack of baby-booking and share my favorite things about them – how many things depends on their age. That means because Liam turns 5 today, I’m limiting myself to 5 of the wonderful things I love about Liam.

  1. He’s So Adaptable.

    I’m sure this this is part of being a middle child, but I love how Liam can go from playing competitive baseball with 8-year-olds to dancing to “Baby Shark” with his almost-2-year-old sister to playing quietly by himself. He’s so easy going and just makes my life easy.

  2. His Insane Memory

    Liam remembers the craziest things that I feel like he shouldn’t remember from 2-3 years ago. I’m really curious as to whether his memory continues to be as solid as he gets older. It definitely might considering his dad has a photographic memory.

    Liam & Daddy 2019
  3. He Loves to Snuggle.

    Liam crawls into our bed every morning – sometimes it’s 4 am and sometimes it’s 7 am, but I’ve learned to appreciate it all the same. He tells me I’m his “snuggle bunny,” and then begs me to scratch his back. Since I also have an 8-year-old, I know this stage does not last forever and am embracing all the snuggles.

    Liam & Me on his first day of Pre-K
  4. His Ability to Express His Feelings

    This has been something that’s really happened this past year. I know his preschool class has been working hard on kids using the right words for how they feel. And while it’s difficult to hear as a mom, when he tells me how he’s feeling “excluded,” I’m also so proud of him being able to express his feelings. #Momhack: Solo car rides or walks home with my kids are key for this. It’s where I learn if they had a good day or bad day at school.

    Liam serving me lunch on Parent Appreciation Day at preschool.
  5. His Determination to Succeed

Whether it’s birth order or just part of his personality, Liam is determined to succeed once he starts something. From              finishing a Lego set designed for 10 year-olds to running a gazillion football passes with Daddy to doing the monkey bars until his arms want to fall off, he won’t stop until he’s finished the job.


Thank you, Liam James, for being you – adaptable, smart, snuggly, expressive and determined.

I love you.

Happy 5th Birthday!

Liam “dabbing” in Oahu, November 2018

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