Trader Joe’s Haul November 2021

I love Trader Joe’s. It’s not the only place I do my grocery shopping, but it is one of the few grocery stores I actually go to in-person. I use Instacart for most of my groceries, but since Trader Joe’s isn’t part of a delivery service I go in because so many of my favorite food staples are from there.

I’ve been saying on Instagram that I would do a Trader Joe’s haul via video for a while now, and I finally did! This blog post is based off a quick Trader Joe’s run I did this week with Colin. Note that a few items are season items, so head to TJ’s soon if you want them. The date is November 11, 2021. You can watch the IGTV video HERE.

I’ve also included a few easy recipes of meals that I like to make with some of the Trader Joe’s items, so in order as mentioned in the video . . . (I recommend texting yourself the link to this blog so you have this list for your next TJ run.)

  1. Gingerbread Turkey Trot Cookie Decorating Kit – I have not used this one before, but the kids made the Christmas cookie one last year. It’s not as good as homemade Christmas cookies (like my Grandmother’s recipe), but the kids love decorating them.

2. Dark Chocolate Almonds (These come in a big container or snack pack sizes.)

3. Organic Sliced Apples – I buy organic when I can, and when items are pre-sliced it’s a huge win in my book.

4.  Organic Blueberries РIf they start to look like they are going bad, freeze them! Frozen blueberries are a great after dinner snack (or use them for smoothies).

5. Flowers! Trader Joe’s always has them right by the front, and my kids beg me to get them!

6. Holiday Vegetable Hash – OBSESSED. Here’s what I’m currently doing with it – I ground up 1 lb. of organic ground turkey (also from Trader Joe’s), throw in half the hash with 2 big spoonfuls of already minced garlic (I buy minced garlic in bulk from Costco.), and some salt and pepper. Stir fry it all up and eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think it’d be super yummy with scrambled eggs too!

7. Organic Baby Carrots – These are a go-to snack at our house and in the kids’ lunches on the regular.

8. Organic Ground Turkey – Use with Holiday Vegetable Hash listed above or in my NYC Crockpot Chili.

9. Shaved Brussels Sprouts – My favorite is throwing these in the air fryer with olive oil, salt and pepper. I buy 2 bags since I can eat one all on my own.

10. Organic French Baguettes – I bought these in the morning, and they were gone by the next day. My older boys devour these!

11. Pumpkin Brioche – This is amazing in my slow cooker bread pudding recipe – perfect for Thanksgiving dessert or breakfast on Christmas morning.

12. Organic Granny Smith and Honey Crisp apples – Granny Smith are my husbands favorite, and Honey Crisp are mine. One of the biggest things I miss about not being in the midwest is apple picking in the fall.

13. Organic bell peppers (red, orange and yellow) – I cute these up in thick strips, and we all snack on them. Picked up this habit from my mother-in-law! Serve them with hummus

14. Insulated Reusable 8 Gallon Shopping Bag  РThis thing has been a life-saver. I tried to see if I could get another one while I was there, but of course they are sold out.

15. Gochujang Vegetable Stir Fry with Zucchini Spirals (This is a new purchase for me.) I’m thinking I’ll throw this in with some shrimp or tofu.

16.  Turkey Meatballs РThese are a big staple in my house Рperfect for lunches and protein to snack on.

17. Organic Acai Bowls РThis is a new favorite at my house. They offer 2 methods of serving this from the freezer. I recommend NOT microwaving them. They will be too melted. Take it out before you go to bed and put it in the fridge. They will be the perfect consistency for the morning. Add your own bananas and if you want top-notch granola check out my new favorite Chicago-owned РStellar Granola.

18. Fish Nuggets (This is a new purchase for me.) – Just trying to mix it up since chicken nuggets are a fan favorite at our house.

19. Lots of cheese – I love their Manchego cheese to put in this Easy Kale Salad.

20. Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions (This is a new purchase for me.)¬† – I stir fry frequently so thinking this could be a good addition if I don’t have any fresh veggies.

21. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I’m sharing pics of the two kinds I love here. Both were recommended to me years ago for different purposes. The first pic has two bottles because the one on the left is the old branding, and the one on the right is the new branding, which I just discovered this week. I included both in case your TJ’s still has the old one. I love using this for anything I’m cooking or baking. The second bottle is what I use if I’m making salad dressing or for making one of our favorites on Italian nights¬† – bread dipped in olive oil and parmesan (sometimes balsamic too).

Best Olive Oil for Cooking
Best Olive Oil for Salad Dressing

22. Soyaki sauce (This is a new purchase for me.) – I plan on using this for stir fry.

23. Herbs de Provence – great gift idea (This is also a new purchase for me.) I just loved the little spoon that came with it. Who doesn’t love fresh herbs.

24. Organic Ground Turmeric  РMine just expired. I will sometimes put it in a smoothie or just need it for when a recipe calls for it.

So that’s it for this trip! Remember you can watch the video HERE.

Please share in the comments your favorite Trader Joe’s items.

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