5 Fun Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Happy almost Thanksgiving! It doesn’t really feel like the holidays if we don’t have the appropriate holiday books scattered throughout our house. We’ve been growing our collections since Landon was a baby (so for over a decade).  Our Thanksgiving collection isn’t quite as large as others, but here’s 5 of our favorites from this year:…

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What’s Your Halloween Mom Name?

We moms may be a bit old for trick or treating, so instead I created a “treat” just for you. Download this PDF or save the image below to find out what your Halloween Mom Name is. Please share in the comments. They make me laugh every time. Happy Halloween! From, Boney Mami Werewolf

Glamping at El Capitan Canyon

Glamping . . . also known as “glamorous camping.” Or, in my opinion, camping with bathrooms. 😉Have you done it? For spring break, we headed to El Capitan Canyon, “Nature Lodging on the California Coast,” just 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, for a few days. Just to give you a little background on our…

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Goal Setting with Kids

I’ve been thinking about sharing this idea since the new year. I think it’s something you’ll really love doing it with your kids or even for yourself. I’m even contemplating doing it again as it gets closer to summer just to check in with them (my kids). At the bottom of this email, is a…

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