Goal Setting with Kids

I’ve been thinking about sharing this idea since the new year. I think it’s something you’ll really love doing it with your kids or even for yourself. I’m even contemplating doing it again as it gets closer to summer just to check in with them (my kids). At the bottom of this email, is a PDF you can download and print out so that you have something to use and keep the memories forever.

As we sat down to New Years Eve dinner this year, I tried asking my kids about their favorite parts of the past year and what they wanted to see and do in the new year. I didn’t get much response, so I let it go . . . but as I sat around with the boys on New Year’s Day, playing a casual game of UNO, I brought it up again, and this time I had my list of questions for them ready to go.

You can follow along on the PDF, but the gist is . . .

1) I asked them what their favorite parts about the past year were. Landon’s were our trip to Honolulu for Thanksgiving, and Liam pretty much listed all the holidays he could remember.

(Don’t judge my chicken scratch.)

2) I asked them what they wanted to do in 2019 (what we think of as goals or accomplishments). However, after not getting much of a response on New Year’s Eve, I got very specific. I decided on 5 different categories: what they wanted to LEARN, a TRIP they’d like to go on, a SPORT they wanted to get better at, a new FOOD they wanted to try, and something they wanted to SEE. These questions led to great conversations and ideas. My personal favorites were Landon wanting to taste shark, and Liam wanting to go to London.

After I did this with the boys, I thought it’d be something that you might want to do too, so I made a download for you to fill out with your kids (or for yourself). You can click the image below or download the PDF HERE.

Your child’s name can go before the word LIST. Followed by “my Favorites of (insertĀ the past year)Ā and my hopes and dreams for (insertĀ the upcoming or current year). Please ask any questions you have in the comments below. I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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