Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Hubby

I’m literally just putting together a list for my husband to Stocking Stuffer shop this weekend for me, so I thought I’d share in case you happen to be in the same boat. Because he always shops last minute, that means he has to go to actual stores (You mean, people still do that?), so even though I’m sharing links, almost everything here can be purchased in store. Seriously, if you like my list, just pass it on to your hubby. At the very least, it’ll inspire him. Oh, and please share anything you put on your list in the comments below!

  1. Ā Skin Care Products: Kiehl’s is usually one of my husband’s go-to stores for me, so I’m making specific requests this year (Can you tell I just turned 40?): 1) Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing ConcentrateĀ  2) Daily Reviving ConcentrateĀ  Ā ; 3) Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  2. Lip Stuff:Ā I have recently become obsessed with Sara Happ’s lip balm and scrub, which I can only find available at Nordstrom’s besides Amazon of course. It’s an exfoliator for your lips, and her lip balm comes in really delicious flavors. Kiehl’s also has a great butter chapstick with SPF and color options that I use all the time, and I recently tried their Love Oil for the Lips, which was really light and hydrating.
  3. Perfume:Ā Perfect size for the stocking and not something I buy for myself. I’m asking for HERMES Eau des MerveillesĀ this year found at Sephora. My girlfriend introduced it to me a few years back, and I run out of it almost every year now because I love it so much. It has an earthy smell that’s not too strong.
  4. Spanks: Because it’s winter I desperately need some black tight Spanks, but I would happily accept all spank products. I especially like the mid-thigh ones for wearing under dresses. You can find Spanks in any major department store, including Kohl’s and Target.
  5. Scrunchies:Ā Don’t laugh (okay, you can laugh), but I’ve actually been pumped that scrunchies are back in. They are gentle on my hair that is still breaking from my babies, I can wear them on my wrist, and they add a pop of color. You can probably find them anywhere these days, even your local drug store, but I know they are at Kohl’s, Target, and Nordstrom.
  6. Gift Cards: This is probably an obvious one but I thought I’d mention a few that you may not have thought to tell him about. I’ve been loving my Hello Fresh meal delivery kits this past year. They save me in buying too many groceries and in meal prep. You can easily get a gift card HERE, and tell your hubby to use code SARAHALEYFIT60 (if another code doesn’t already pop up) for $60 off ($20 off your first 3 boxes) which ultimately equals 6 free meals! I also think a Stitch Fix, a personal styling delivery box, gift card is ideal because your husband doesn’t actually have to pick out the clothes for you. If you’re not familiar, you take one of their surveys so they can get an idea of your style (or you can make specific requests) and they send you a box of clothes curated just for you. I love it because they send clothes I can’t find anywhere else in my price range (because you can specify that too), and I never have to step foot into a store. Also, if you you use my link HERE, you should be able to get $25 of your first purchase (although I’m not positive it works with gift cards).Ā 





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