My Favorite Products from 2017

So this is probably going to seem like the most random list of stuff, but most of the products I’ve been meaning to share with you for a long timeĀ  . . . stuff to make your life easier, better, and more fun.

How did I come up with this list? Well, I was thinking about how I’d spent money this year, specifically about how I spent money on me. I looked back through my Amazon purchases in 2017. This is a list of the 10 best purchases I made this year that directly benefited me.

1. Digital Postal Scale

This may seem like an odd one, but if you do a lot of shipping, a digital postal scale will SAVE you! And by save you, I mean from waiting in line at the post office. Post offices are never fun and especially not with kids in tow. At under $20 it’s a no-brainer. Sign up for a FREE account at and you will be well on your way. You weigh your packages at home on the scale and enter all the shipping information into your account. You then have your choice of having your package picked up with your mail or dropping it at the counter at the post office. No lines ever again! (And yes, part of the reason I like this one is because of it’s “DreamGold” color).

2. Weekly Desk Calendar

Yes, I have a planner that I love but I just bought this $11.95 weekly desk calendar at the beginning of December and I’m loving it. First of all, you can buy it WHENEVER because it will start NOW. Meaning, it won’t start at the beginning of the year. It will start from whenever you bought it.

So why do I use it as well as a planner? I have it out on my counter (or you could mount it on the wall), and I transfer the basics from my planner onto it Sunday night and maybe add to it throughout the week. I also like it because I can show it to my husband and he can get the big picture of what the week looks like (“No honey, we can’t do that this week.”) I like to keep my planner looking pretty nice. This one looks like a mess by the end of the week. It’s where I sometimes put my meal planning, workouts, etc. It’s also out for EVERYONE to see, so it’s not necessarily a place I put anything private – I save my favorite planner for that.

3.Ā Nordicware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet

Okay, so I told you this list was random, but I’m obsessed with these baking sheets. I even bought them for my sis for Christmas. Why? Because I was so sick of scrubbing my baking sheets to death and them still looking like they were old and beat up, and I know I’m not the only one. These are the easiest to clean baking sheets ever. You can get them in so many sizes and each one costs about $10 on average.

4. Kitchen Utensil Holder Set

I started putting our everyday utensils in a caddy on my kitchen counter a few years back. I like it because if I’m cooking it’s easy to access, if I have people over no one is asking where the forks are, and my kids can reach them easily too. This one I bought this year because I loved the vibrant colors. It also comes in all white and all red.

5. “I’m a Mom. What’s Your Super Power?” Tumbler

If you ever watch any of my Instagram Live or Facebook Live broadcasts or YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen this tumbler. I love drinking water through a straw because I drink more of it that way, and I love this tumbler in particular for obvious reasons. It also makes a great gift for mom friends.

6. Emoji Embroidery Applique Decoration Patch Set

Huh?Ā  Yes, I bought these patches this year to cover up some holes and stains on my postpartum jeans. I didn’t want to have to buy new jeans (because who wants to go shopping for clothes right after they’ve had a baby?), so I bought these patches instead to cover things up. Since I’ve put the patches on (which you can see HERE in my Instagram post), I’ve received so many compliments on my jeans.Ā 

7. Nano Taper Iron (also known as a wand)

I didn’t just start using this in 2017, but I did have to replace it this year (not because it’s a bad product but because I use it that much). I don’t know what I’d do without my wand. Since I’ve had the kids, my hair in the back is curly and pieces in the front are sometimes straight. Basically I just use this to touch up any pieces needed, so I can appear normal in public.Ā 

8. BasqĀ Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter

I really have no idea if stretch mark cream works for everyone (It probably doesn’t.), but I’ve been using this stuff since I was pregnant with Landon, and I have zero stretch marks on my belly. I don’t know what it’s like to not use it and thus, I swear by it. It’s on the list because I ordered it A LOT in 2017 – for during pregnancy, and I’m still using it in my postpartum recovery.

9. Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel

When I started using Basq’s Stretch Mark Butter, I also started using their eye gel and literally have not stopped since. Yes, that means that I’ve been using it non-stop for 7 years. Why? Mostly because I LOVE the way it feels under my eyes in the morning (especially if you put it in the fridge the night before). It’s amazing, and although my eyes are not flawless, they aren’t horrible either and like I said, I LOVE the way it feels. This small .5 oz jar lasts me at least 4-6 months.

10.Ā Bravado! Designs Women’s Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

In full disclosure, I was introduced to this brand of nursing bras through a brand deal. Yes, I got paid to try it and post about it on Instagram. The result though is that I LOVE these nursing bras. I wear them all the time and have bought several on my own. They are comfortable, perfect for nursing, and look good under my clothes (not all nursing bras do).

This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click on my links in this post and make a purchase, I’ll receive a referral payment — at no additional cost to you. Mama’s gotta make a living!


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