Cardio & Resistance Training All-In-One

Finding workout equipment that serves as both cardio and resistance training can be challenging. That’s why I was so excited that Vicore Fitness gifted me with their Terra Core. It can be used as a step, bench, balance trainer, a replacement for free weights, and can be used with resistance bands.  We’re doing a giveaway this week (Ending at midnight on Friday, Dec. 22, 2017) of ONE Terra Core to help you start your new year off right. To be entered all you have to do follow me on Instagram, like this post on Instagram, tag 2 friends on the Instagram post, and leave a comment in the section below this blog post (not on Instagram) about which exercise looks most enticing to you! **Note: the comment must be left here on the blog to be entered. There are eight exercises to choose from – cardio, core, and resistance training exercises.

1. Up-Downs (Cardio)

2. Up ‘N Overs (Cardio)

3. Half Ups (Core)

4. Kick-Backs (Core and Lower Body)

5. Balancing Bird-Dog (Core)

6. Cardio Push-Ups (Cardio & Upper Body)

7. Rows (Upper Body)

8. Plank Pigeon Taps (Core)


43 thoughts on “Cardio & Resistance Training All-In-One

  1. All the exercises look awesome, but I have my eye on those half-ups. They definitely are going to be harder than they look.

  2. Eep- I love the kick backs and balance bird dogs- but the push-up jump combo looks awesome- basically I like them all and totally see how this challenges TA 😉

  3. I like the balancing bird… it engages that core and lower body and I can feel it burn

  4. kickbacks and balancing bird dog! Definitely need to work more on my core and my bum bum!

  5. This piece of equipment looks amazing! The balancing bird dog (which we do a lot on ground but this would be better) and the up and overs! Used to do those on a step back in the day but this is better!

  6. Half ups! I am 4 months post partum and watching you has motivated me to make time(working around my babies schedule) to get healthy and work on my fitness. I love watching your videos on IG especially the “bloopers” which is mostly you getting hit with a flying object only because it shows how at the end of the day us mom’s have so much in common!

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