Four Things I Love Most About Liam

Liam is four-years-old today . . . how? What? When? How? No! 😂😂😂

Even though I’ve had another baby, Liam still feels so little to me . . . maybe it’s because he’s still the little snuggle bug that he’s always been or maybe it’s because he’s my youngest boy or maybe it’s just because he’s Liam. It’s so fun for me to look back on my blogs from when he turned three and when he turned two. It’s funny because the qualities that I love most about him haven’t changed much, which just goes to show you that we are born with so much of who we really are. So yes, I still love his snuggles, his smiles, his fearless and funny personality, and the fact that of course, that he loves his brother. But here are four more things that make me love him that much more as he grows older.

1. His Athleticism

“Whoah! Where did he learn to . . . “ I’ve heard something along these lines a lot this year. It actually started when he 18 months old – speeding by people on his scooter, but it’s escalated to scoring soccer goals, throwing a baseball, running football passes, and playing tag with boys twice his age. The reality is he has an older brother who also loves and excels at all these things, so you better believe Liam wants to compete . . . and boy does he ever. It’s also because he practices a lot. My husband has ingrained in the boys’ heads that PRACTICING is the key to getting better at things (because it is). Just the other night Liam asked Sean to pitch to him in the front yard and he says, “See, Dad I’m practicing and getting better.”

2. His Adaptability

My guess is this is a common quality with middle children, but Liam can literally play and get along with anyone. On a daily basis he goes from racing around with the big boys (Landon’s friends never seem to mind him tagging along.) to chilling with his buddies (He has a major bro squad.) to playing with Kiera. Furthermore, he’s always been really good at playing by himself too. I love knowing that I can take him anywhere and he will adapt.

Liam and his buddies at his Captain Underpants birthday party


3. His Enthusiasm

I love how excited Liam gets about anything he’s doing and how much he puts his heart into it. Whether its winning a board game, nailing a basketball toss, or even just watching a new movie, he commits whole heartedly. We just went to see the new Star Wars movie “Solo” last weekend, and he couldn’t stop asking questions after, “Who’s your favorite character? Who’s your second favorite character? What was your favorite part? What was your second favorite part?”

4. His Honesty (and the fact that I’m still his favorite . . .  for now)

I know most kids this age are pretty honest, but I think we forget to appreciate it sometimes. I love when he looks at me and says things like, “This food is really good, Mama.” I hope he’s always like this.

The running joke since Liam was born is that he would crawl back inside me if he could. He’s a true Mama’s boy, and I’m soaking it up for as long as I can.

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