3 Things I Love About Kiera

Kiera turned three-years-old in June . . . about three months after most of Los Angeles shut down due to the Coronavirus. Then we took off to the Chicago suburbs for the summer . . . and I pretty much stopped blogging. When life get nuts, my blog is usually the first thing to go. I wish it was the opposite and that instead I used this creative outlet to help me get through the hard stuff and record more of my experiences and memories. So here’s me committing to doing more of that.

But on to Kiera . . . I haven’t yet celebrated her with my annual birthday blog where I share some of my favorite things about my kids, but better late than never, right? So without further ado, here are 3 of my many favorite things about Kiera:

1. Her empathy for others

Kiera continues to surprise me with her maturity for showing empathy for her friends (and sometimes her brothers too). She is the first to recognize when one of her friends is feeling sad or shy. She will run over and help them or if they are sitting alone and include them as part of the group. “Huggies!” she loves to yell to her friends as she smothers them with hugs and kisses.

She shows empathy with me too. “Mommy, are you sad?” or “Mommy, does your back still hurt?”Ā Ā (I recently threw my back out.) I love the way she already cares so deeply about others.

2. Her sense of humor

This girl makes ALL of us laugh so much. From Kiera’s dance moves to her stories to her facial expressions, she knows how to make us all crack up. For most of the past year, when Daddy would ask her what she did that day, she would answer with “I pooped on my penis.” Yes, I know, it’s probably not super appropriate, but keep in mind she has two older brothers. She also knew exactly what she was doing – going in for the laugh.

3. Watching my younger self

As I watch Kiera, I can only imagine what I was like as a child. In fact, when she has her “moments,” my husband jokes I should call my mom and apologize. LOL

But seriously, it’s so fun . . . watching her play The Wizard of Oz, request to wear the same unicorn dress over and over each day, play dress-up, make up dances and songsĀ  . . . I’m here for all of it, and just feel so lucky that I have a mini-me.

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