My Favorite Thing About Kiera

If I’m completely honest, I’ve been postponing this blog and picking my ONE favorite thing about Kiera. I was telling myself it was because we were on vacation, and I just didn’t have the time to write, but the reality is I have no idea how to pick just one thing! If you had to pick one favorite thing about your children, what would it be? Share in the comments.

If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about and why I feel like I have to choose just one thing . . . I started a tradition when Landon turned 4 that I would share my _____ favorite things about them each year on their birthday. The number “favorite things” directly correlates to how old they are turning. Brilliant, right? So basically, I did this to myself. I was feeling guilty that I didn’t blog about the kids enough, so I thought I’d at least do a round-up once a year. So with Landon I started at 4 (because that’s when I came up with the idea), but I didn’t even do one for Liam until he turned two, probably because picking two things is still easier than one!

So here we go . . .  my favorite thing about Kiera (if I have to pick just one) is that she is a GIRL. Yes, I said it. I love having a girl! This is more surprising to me than anyone else. We were definitely not expecting a girl (You can read about my birth story to hear my reaction when she was born.), and I honestly didn’t know if I even would like having a girl, mostly because I only knew what it was like to have boys (and I LOVE having BOYS).

one week old

What’s different about having a girl? (I get asked that all the time.) Not a whole lot really – in my opinion. The only thing I’ve been able to come up with is that I think there is a little bit of a different connection simply because she and I are both girls.

7 months old

I also think it’s because having a girl makes things feel a little more new and interesting. I’ve always liked changing things up and she has definitely done that.

one year old

I have no idea if this has anything to do with being female (although I’d like to think it does) – from the moment Kiera arrived, she’s seemed very mature, almost like she wanted to talk to us. My mother-in-law  even joked about it – “I think she’s trying to say something.” Even now, Kiera laughs about things that I feel like she shouldn’t understand. Maybe it’s because she’s the 3rd child, I don’t know, but she brings a smile to my face every hour of every day that I’m with her.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings and what I get to add to this list each year.

Below are the Instagram posts from this past year marking her milestones with Mushy Moments cards (Selfishly, I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place). Oh, how I wish I’d had these cards (and even Instagram) with the boys.


I was so caught up in Landon turning 7-years-old this week, I almost forgot Kiera turned 9 months old. 😯😯😯 I’ll keep with the theme of this past week and share 9 Kiera updates for the 9 months. What I mean by that . . . If you didn’t see my posts earlier this week, I annually share #ontheblog my __ favorite things about my kids on their birthdays based on their age. (Click the link in my bio to read “My 7 Favorite Things About Landon.” 7 things are because he turned 7.) Share in the comments any milestones your kids hit this week, no matter how old. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 9 Fun Kiera Updates: 1️⃣She can stand up by herself. 2️⃣She cruises fast around tables and loves to walk holding our hands. 3️⃣Crawling is now at lightening speed. 4️⃣She babbles constantly and it sounds like she’s saying “Dada” and “Bye-bye” sometimes (but not really). 5️⃣She waves and claps. 6️⃣She tries to wrestle with her brothers. 7️⃣She doesn’t really like the pacifier and thus loves sucking on me when she can’t fall asleep. 8️⃣Her 2 naps are sometimes really short, so I think she may go down to one soon. 9️⃣She has the best smile and laugh and makes me so happy every day to be her Mama. . . . . . #kierasis #9monthsold #9monthspostpartum #babygirl #girlmom #milestones #mushymoments #momlife #motherhood #timeflies #babygirldress #babygirlfashion #girlmomlife #momof3 #momofthree #postpartum #newmomlife

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If you follow my Instagram stories, you probably know that Kiera has been walking for a while now and is 10 months old. So before she is 11 months I wanted to officially share an update, since I had been pretty good about doing these thus far. **** Swipe to see the official @mushymoments cards and the boys trying to help me out. Getting her to sit still these days is close to impossible. So here’s a few recent things about Kiera. 1️⃣ She started staggering around just before hitting 10 months, much like her oldest brother Landon. She quickly turned pro and pretty much insists on walking everywhere now. 2️⃣Food wise she’ll pretty much eat anything thanks to #babyledweaning. I still haven’t given her grapes or goldfish (2 things I happen to be fearful of because of horror stories I’ve heard.) 3️⃣She’s still nursing, but I’m honestly not sure I’ll make it to the year like I did with the boy. She bites me a lot- like a lot a lot. 😬 4️⃣She doesn’t totally sleep through the night if I’m around because I’m a sucker and like to bring her into bed to nurse and snuggle (part of the reason I’ve been dealing with the biting). One of my favorite things is waking up to her sitting up smiling at me. 5️⃣Her favorite activities are swinging on the swing in our backyard. She’s fearless and likes to be pushed surprisingly high. She loves dancing and singing and of course getting into whatever her brothers are doing. I often find her looking at books on her own. 6️⃣She “talks” a lot. She says “uh-oh,” “bye-bye,” “hi,” and “Ma-ma-ma.” Right now it’s more copying and babbling – not really intentional. **** Okay, your turn. Share your littles’ recent milestones! I love hearing about them! . . . . . #kierasis #10monthspostpartum #10monthsold #10monthsoldbaby #babygirl #mushymoments #milestones #walkingbaby #girlmom #momof3

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These are the times I wish Instagram had been around longer . . . so I could look back on pics like this if the boys. It’s also why these @mushymoments cards have been so helpful. Liam legit asked me the other day (because we were looking through everyone’s baby books) why his wasn’t as filled out as Landon. Ummmm . . . #2ndchildproblems. Needless to say, I’ve barely touched Kiera’s either, but at least I’ve shared here and wrote a few notes on these cards. #3rdchildproblems Can you relate? ❤️❤️❤️ So here’s my Kiera update before she turns 1-years-old! Share in the comments what your littles are up to these days! ❤️❤️❤️ 1️⃣As you’ve probably seen on my stories, she’s a walking machine!!!! I turn my head and she’s gone. If only you knew how many times a day I say, “Kiera? Where’s Kiera? Everyone look for Kiera!” (insert panic voice) She’ll literally be standing behind me. LOL 2️⃣She got obsessed with the stairs this weekend, and no I don’t have gates up (#badmom), so my life is officially over. I don’t know what happens to my gates but they must get destroyed after each child because I have to get new ones every time. If you have a certain brand you like, please share in the comments! 3️⃣She seriously eats like an adult – from the types of food she eats to how she holds a spoon. With Landon I did NOT do #babyledweaning. With Liam I dabbled in it, and this time I fully embraced it. I think it has everything to do with how she eats. 4️⃣I forgot how much they understand so quickly. She laughs at stuff we laugh at, knows when to be sneaky, and converses in her own way. It sounds like she’s talking to us and at times it sounds like she’s answering us with the right words, but I’m not sure how much of it she is actually intentionally doing. I feel like her first word is going to be “DaDa.” Boo. 5️⃣Speaking of DaDa, she is newly obsessed with Dad. The moment he steps in the room, she immediately wants to be held by him. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS . . . . . . #kierasis #babygirl #mushymoments #milestones #11months #11monthsold #girlmom #3rdtimemom #babynumber3 #momofthree #momof3

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