3 Tips For How To Feel Great On Your Birthday

As adults, and especially as moms, it’s easy to let our birthdays get away from us and just be treated like any other day. Granted we might not be counting down the days like our kiddos, but I do think it’s healthy to embrace our birthdays, if not for our own sake, for the sake of our kids. So read on or watch the video below for 3 tips for How To Feel Great On Your Birthday.

1) Focus on Eating Clean and Exercising the Week BEFORE Your Birthday

This is one I hadn’t realized that I had done until I woke up on my birthday feeling really energized. The week before my birthday I ate super clean and it left me feeling great. I indulged guilt-free that week knowing I’d put in the work ahead of time.

2) Do Something To Make Your Life Easier and More Stress-Free

Our spouses, family, and friends are great gift givers but only we know what we’d most appreciate. I scheduled a cleaning lady to come by the day after my birthday (so I wouldn’t be cleaning up that night), and I scheduled a massage for myself the night of my birthday. This way I could enjoy my special day without worrying about cleaning and instead did some relaxing. Happy Birthday to me!

3) Spend Time With the People You Love

On my birthday, I can’t think of anything better than celebrating with the people I love most. We went bowling as a family this year on my actual birthday (Yes, I talk about this in the video when I turned 37, and we also did it this year on my 40th). The kids were pumped and we had quality time having fun and being active together.

Happy Birthday friends! Plan ahead, and make it your best birthday celebration yet!

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