My 7 Favorite Things I LOVE About Landon


Landon turns 7 years old today. Yes, I have a 7-year-old.

Landon’s birthday is always such a reminder of so many things – most importantly, how he changed my life for the better when he showed up 10 days past his due date. But besides just becoming a mother for the first time in 2011, I’m reminded that I’ve been in Santa Monica for 7 years. I moved to the West coast from New York City when I was 8 months pregnant with him. I’m also reminded that I started my own business 7 years ago.  I created my first pregnancy workout program, Expecting MORE® when I was pregnant with Landon. So happy 7 years to Landon, motherhood, West Coast living, and mompreneurship!

So this blog is about continuing my tradition of sharing my favorite things about my children on their birthday. Excuse my bragging rights and if I repeat myself at all. I did look back at previous years and tried to choose some things I hadn’t mentioned yet. If you get a chance, check out last year’s post that includes some of Landon’s best dance moves and one of my favorite conversations with him from the year he turned four.

1. He loves the 80’s.

Mr. B and I have been joking that we are raising our kids in the 80’s . . . and it’s partly true. The best part is they love it! We’ve been showing them our favorite 80’s movies and are particularly obsessed with Back to the Future and Goonies.  They can also quote The Blues Brothers quite frequently, “This place has got EVERYTHING!” In fact, during award season this year, Landon asked if we thought Back to the Future would be nominated. Mr. B and I looked at each other like, “Should we tell him?”

2. He has his own style.

At the end of last year, Landon’s look was long baseball socks pulled up over his knees. Then he caught wind of compression leggings from a family friend of ours (Thank you “Uncle” Mike Karpenko.), and now (EVERYDAY) he wears compression pants with shorts over them, t-shirt, and high tops. The shorts MUST cover his knees, and if they aren’t clean . . . well, let’s just say I’ve caught him a few times going out the door to school in shorts that looked beyond dirty. And to answer your question, no it’s not a “thing” at school. I haven’t seen anyone else at school dressed like this. Honestly, I think that’s why I’m a supporter of the whole thing – I’m pretty impressed and proud that he’s created his own style and owns it. 

3. We share the same sense of humor.

The best thing about having a 7-year-old around when you have a 3-year-old and 8-month-old is that you have someone to laugh with when the littler ones are acting ridiculous. Liam (my 3-year-old) is hilarious and says some pretty crazy things sometimes. It’s so nice to have Landon to catch eyes with and chuckle under our breath.

I’m sure it’s just that I have an immature potty sense of humor as well, but here’s an example of his sense of humor . . . we were at Menchies (our local Fro-Yo shop). They have a chalkboard in the back corner. As we are leaving, I happen to glance back and I see at the bottom of the chalkboard in small letters “POO.” I knew Landon had written it, so I look at him. He looks at me, waiting to see if I’m going to get mad or not, and I just smirk at him, laugh, and say “Quick! Let’s get outta here!”

4. He’s a committed fan.

Landon takes committed to a whole new level when it comes to sports or pretty much any competitive game. It’s March Madness right now, and he will literally pick a team that night to cheer for and if they don’t win, he loses it. Now, I’m not saying that is always a good thing, but I will give him props in that he stays the course and keeps rooting for his team no matter what. It must be the Chicago blood in him – as you know, Chicago Cubs fans are fans through and through. And yes, he is a Cubs fan – die-hard fan.

Now, this works out for me because I have gained a fellow reality TV fan. My guilty pleasures are Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Because these shows are also competitions, Landon convinces me to let him stay up and watch and cheers on whoever we decide to place bets on. Since Mr. B refuses to watch these shows with me, I love having a cohort to watch with.

5. He’s a team leader AND a team player.

I warned you I’d be bragging…Landon plays, depending on the season, soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. He excels at soccer; let’s just say I’ve heard other team parents call him “the ringer.” He’s super humble about it and only purposely dominates when instructed to by his coach (Mr. B). To be honest, after coming off this last season of AYSO soccer, I was a little worried about where his head was at. Then he tried out for basketball and they recommended he play up. So he played with mostly second and third graders, which really was humbling for him. He was not only the smallest guy on the team but he was so nervous (which can be hard for Mama to watch). It was so good for him though, and I gave him so much credit. He definitely took great shots (and made some of them), but moreover, he was so intuitive and knew exactly who and when to pass to in order to make the shot. His team came out in first this year – almost undefeated (They had 2 tie games). Looking forward to seeing what baseball brings…

6. He knows when to get serious.

For as much as a goofball and sports guy he is, he also knows when it’s time to get serious. He loves school as much as I remember loving it – reading, writing, and math (that part is from his dad). His stories and pictures have become more intricate, and he’s gained particular interest in cartoon drawing this past year. His reading really took off when they had the Read-a-thon at school and he was determined to win. He even received a prize for reading the most minutes in his class.

7. He’s a helpful and caring big brother.

When people in LA look at me like I have 2 heads for not having full-time help with my 3 kids, I explain it’s because of Landon. Now, really, it’s a life choice for my husband and me, but seriously, thank goodness for Landon. He couldn’t be more helpful with both Liam and Kiera.

When Liam is being Liam and refusing to do something, Landon can almost always get him to come around. And with Kiera, he is so sweet and protective. “Liam, you can’t sit on her!” I know in a few years, I’ll be able to leave him in charge so I can run to the grocery by myself (right??). 

So that’s what I have for this year. I’m also including this poem I had to write for his class a few weeks ago. Each student in his class has a turn to be an MVP of the week and on the last day they read a letter of sorts from their parents. Landon requested a poem, and since my blog here is also a memoir of sorts I thought I’d include it here.


Landon is our first born son.

He was born on March twenty-one.

At 9 months old, Landon started walking.

And not much later, he started talking.

So for three years, it was just us three.

Little Landon, his Dad, and me.

Now Landon has a brother Liam.

Who is almost 4 years old.

Thank goodness Landon is there to help him.

When he doesn’t do what he is told. 

Landon also has a sister Kiera

Who is crawling everywhere.

Landon can always make her laugh.

I can tell he really cares.

Landon loves to play all sports.

He’s really really fast

Whether it’s soccer, basketball or baseball.

Playing with him is always such a blast

He also loves to write funny stories.

And draw his favorite cartoons.

Come stop by and check them out

We’re home most afternoons.

Seriously, we live really close by.

Just 2 blocks away.

We can walk to Roosevelt in 5 minutes.

Just ask Landon if you can come over and play.

I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about Landon.

As this week’s MVP.

But I’m his mom, so guess what?

You’ll never know as much as me.


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