Get Relaxed for Self-Care

The medical definition of self-care is “to care for oneself.” There are lots of definitions for relax but I like “to cast off social restraint, nervous tension, or anxiety.” Now ask yourself how often you do either one.

I challenge you to schedule (yes, put it in a calendar) a relaxing self-care appointment 1-2 times a month. Try varying it – it doesn’t always have to cost money. I also encourage you to make it with just yourself. I know many of my suggestions you could do with a friend(s) or your partner, but the idea here is for you to take care of you and I tend to think that can be most relaxing alone. I will also warn you that this will feel very selfish at first, especially if you haven’t been doing it, but you need it . . . you deserve it . . . you can do it.

Please share anything else that’s worked for you in the comments.

20 Ideas for Relaxing Self-Care:

  1. A long hot bubble bath with candles and music
  2. A good book with essential oils diffusing
  3. A glass of wine and watch your favorite TV show
  4. A nap
  5. Meditate
  6. Dance, fitness, or yoga class
  7. Hiking
  8. Explore a new town
  9. A music lesson
  10. Lunch by yourself
  11. Roam Target or window shop
  12. Buy a new pair of shoes 
  13. Spend a night alone in a hotel
  14. Mani/pedi
  15. Massage
  16. Facial
  17. Hair blow-out
  18. Spray tan
  19. Wax
  20. Acupuncture

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