“Blast the Fat” Equipment-Free Interval Training Travel Workout

Fitting in a workout when I’m traveling is always challenging – mostly due to the lack of time, space and equipment. Do you feel me? 

So here’s a quick interval training workout that alternates between cardio & resistance training exercises – NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Perform 1 min of each exercise with 15 seconds of rest between exercises. Use the Use Stretch & Recover (#7 exercise) to rest before beginning the circuit again. Depending on how many times you run the circuit, this can be anywhere from a 6 minute (one time through) to 30 minute (five times through) workout.  FYI, If you can do it more than that, you aren’t pushing hard enough.

All that said, remember . . . Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout – enjoy your travels and just try to get a workout in as often as you can, even if it is just 5 minutes.

1. Cardio Jabs: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees into a mini squat.  Begin with arms in tight, squeeze your elbows close to your body ,and allow your hands to block your chin. Extend and punch one arm out in front of you at a time. Your knuckles should be in a straight line to the front of the room. To add more intensity, add a Burpee after every 8 punches. (Take from Sweat Box 45)2. Leg & Booty Blaster: Begin with your feet together and hands behind the head to open up the chest. Step the right leg out into a deep side lunge, keeping the knee aligned with the foot. The opposite leg should stay perfectly straight. While keeping the chest lifted, push the butt back, and “touch down” with the left hand.  Push off the moving leg and return to standing.  Repeat for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. (Taken from Sweat Strength 15)

3. Cardio Swing: Begin in a plie squat with your hips and toes rotated out to the corners.  Your arms will swing back and forth behind your back. Bend your knees and as you swing from right to left, and you can even push off the floor into a mini squat jump.  Make sure to land with the balls of the feet on the ground first, followed by your heels. (Taken from Sweat Cardio 30)

4. Back Blaster (strengthens the core & tones the back): Begin on your hands or lower down to your forearms for an added challenge. (If this position is new to you, just practice holding the plank). When you’re ready to move on, row one arm back to your rib cage at a time, tightening the back muscles around your bra line.  Throughout the entirety of the exercise, pull your navel to your spine and squeeze your butt, for added stability. If you’re recovering from diastasis recti or are pregnant, consider taking this exercise to the knees.  (Taken from Sweat Extreme 5)

5. Cardio Slams: Begin with your hips and feet rotated to the corners. Bend both knees, as you rotate into a lunge towards the left corner.  Your right knee should get closer to the floor, as you punch the right arm down.  The lower you get the more challenging it will be, so if you can even hit the floor, go for it! Quickly go back through the center and rotate into the opposite lunge to the right corner. If you feel you are up for it, push off the floor in between each lunge, so that you get a little air time in the middle.  (Taken from  Box 45)

6. Oblique Blaster (strengthens the core & trims the waistline)  Begin on your knees with your right leg out to the side, so your right foot is on the floor.  With your hands behind your head, lean the upper body (leading with the torso) towards the knee.  Your goal is to get your elbow closer to your knee, while keeping your hips to the front. For an added balance challenge, lift your right for 30 seconds on each side.  (Taken from Sweat Strength 15)

7. Stretch & Recover (In between rounds or at the end of the workout): Take a seat and cross your right leg over your left, with your right knee up.  Cross your left arm over your right leg and rotate to the back of the room. Hold for a count of two and then come back to repeat up to 4-6 times on one side.  (Taken from Sweat Stretch 5)

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