Get Strong for Self-Care

If you’re needing some instant gratification, I can almost guarantee you that a strength training workout session will do the trick. I love how just 30 minutes of lifting weights can make me feel stronger inside and out. Plus, this form of self-care can have some long-lasting results as well, especially if you’re willing to pick up a little heavier weights.

Research shows that after age 35, women can lose anywhere from 1-5 % of our muscle mass each year, unless we engage in regular physical activity.  By training and eating well, we can prevent most of the muscle loss associated with age. If that doesn’t convince you to get strong, I don’t know what will.

Here are a few of my own workouts I use for strength training:

1. My #UpperBodyBlast Workout Challenge

This is one of my most popular free challenges. When you sign up HERE, you get a workout video, along with a PDF of the exercises to use as a checklist. It consists of 10 reps of 10 upper body exercises for 10 days.

2. Sweat Strength

Get your workout done in a quick 15 minutes with 5 minutes of core strength, 5 minutes of lower body sculpting, and 5 minutes of upper body toning, No equipment needed. You can find this workout HERE.

3. Strengthen and Tone

This workout is part of my 4th Trimester Workout program so it has modifications for every mom, whether you’ve had a C-section or are going through diastasis recti recovery. It’s 30 minutes of total body toning. Weights are needed. You can find this workout HERE.

4. Sweat Strong Up & Sweat Strong Down (for Pregnancy)

Both are part of my Expecting MORE® Pregnancy Workout Program. Sweat Strong Up keeps you standing and moving while you strength train, and Sweat Strong Down is done all on a yoga mat. The workouts contain safe and effective pregnancy exercises for all 3 trimesters. Find them HERE.

What are your go-to strength training workouts? Share in the comments.

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