“Be Who You Want To Be, Not Who You Think You Should Be” – Sara Haley

Do you remember watching Oprah have a guest on and they would cry, confess and say quotable things? That’s exactly what happened last week when I had the honor of being interviewed by who some might consider “The Oprah” of the fitness industry – Petra Kolber. The interview went live on her Perfection Detox Podcast today.

If you’re not familiar with Petra, I highly recommend you check her out – you’ll be hooked immediately. For those of us who have worked in the fitness industry, she’s a name that you just know. You can read about all the amazing things she’s done HERE. Though fitness will always be a part of her life, now her focus is on HAPPINESS. Yes, for real – she helps people find their happy. When you listen to our interview, you’ll just be able to just tell . . . her voice alone is full of positivity, joy, and passion. I highly encourage you to sign up for her Five Part Video Series on Happiness.

I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are after listening. I definitely had a few self-realizations during our call. I, too, believe our goal in this lifetime, for both us and our children, should ultimately be HAPPINESS. I hope Petra’s podcast, whether it’s my interview or one of her other episodes, offers you some great tips to get closer to your happiness goals. Please share with other moms and those you love.

Get the show notes and listen to the episode at PetraKolber.com.


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