3 Fun Easter Activities

Whether or not you celebrate Easter religiously, it can be a fun time of year to do some festive activities with the kids. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve been doing since Landon was little (There’s also a video you can watch below if you prefer the visual.).

  1. Easter Nest

Wait, what? A bunny doesn’t need a nest! No, but birds do and they actually lay eggs. So . .  . yes, an Easter Bunny Nest (or whatever you want to call it). I like this because one of my favorite springtime activities is nature walks with my kids. Collect sticks, leaves, pinecones, or anything else the kids find interesting. You can even put your gifts, eggs, or whatever you want to have for your children in the nest on Easter morning.

  1. Jelly Bean Jar

Don’t you ever feel frustrated that we have nothing to hold over our kids’ heads during the Easter holiday? #kiddingnotkidding “The Easter Bunny is watching” … I don’t think so.

So my thought is a jelly bean reward jar. Use the jar for positive behavior encouragement and you can even color code it. For instance, if you do something nice for your brother, you put a purple jelly bean in the jar. If you get dressed in the morning by yourself, you receive a yellow jelly bean. If you brush your teeth, you get two jelly beans of your choice. You can easily customize it, however, works best for your family. Or . .  . you can always fill the jar and take jelly beans away as consequences. I know that as a mom, I sometimes struggle to choose a consequence. Maybe the Easter Bunny only comes if the jar is full . . . any of these ideas inspire you?

  1. Easter Exercises

This activity is, of course, my personal favorite.  Easter exercises that you can do with your kids;, like the “bunny hop”. Have fun while you’re working out with little ones, big kids, or even on your own. Click HERE to get your free workout. 

As always, I love hearing from you – what are your favorite things to do during the Easter Holiday?

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