My Weekly Workouts Part 1

I listened to a podcast a few weeks ago where the host interviewed different fitness influencers and they shared their actual workout schedules. I think the purpose was to show how much intention and dedication it goes into being a fitness influencer. Maybe it was supposed to be motivational too. I can’t say I did though – mostly because these fitness professionals were in totally different seasons of life than me with either no kids or grown-up kids. There wasn’t anyone she interviewed that was in the thick of it with their kids.

With three kids, and a final baby on the way, my workout plans are always changing and sometimes non-existent. I promised my social media audience I’d keep track and share in hopes that i’s a more realistic view of what a fitness regimen looks like from a pregnant mom with kids ages 2-8. Let me know if this interests you in the comments or share what your workout regimen looks like these days.

This is from the week of Labor Day, September 2-7, 2019:

Monday (Labor Day): NOTHING! Great start, right? 😉 At 32 weeks pregnant, the heat hasn’t been making me feel that great, and it was so hot on Labor Day.  I napped on the couch with Kiera while the boys were at the beach. My main accomplishment was getting a bunch of clothes the kids had outgrown put away.

Tuesday: I walked Kiera to and from preschool, which is about a 3 mile walk. I’m not sure if it was coming off a lazy Monday, but my body was still not feeling like doing much. Later in the evening, I grabbed my bolster and headed to a Pure Barre class. My body is always less energetic in the evening, so I modified even more than usual. My fitness philosophy is always “Something is better than nothing,” so I was glad that I at least got it in. If you’re looking for a barre workout for pregnancy, check out my Pregnancy Workout Essentials Collection, which features 2 barre workouts. (And if you’re wondering why I didn’t just do my own barre workouts at home, it can be very strange working out to your on-camera self. 😜)

Wednesday: I had a babysitter today, so I was able to head over to Basecamp during the day. I’s a 30-40 minute workout that consists of 60 second intervals – 60 seconds on an assault bike (where you are using your arms and legs) and then 60 seconds of training with anything from kettlebells, free weights, TRX, medicine balls, or your own body weight. I love it because it goes by very quickly and 60 seconds on the bike always sounds better to me then a full hour. The workout off the bike was focused on shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Thursday: Walked Kiera to and from preschool again (3 miles). In the evening I headed to the gym for about 20 minutes on the elliptical, working not too hard, followed by Day 1 and Day 2 workouts from the #BackToSchoolChallenge2019 (which consists of about 15 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of cardio).

Friday: Walked Kiera to and from preschool again (3 miles). Squeezed in the Day 3 workout of the #BackToSchoolChallenge2019 at home (about 18 minutes of interval training) while Kiera napped.

Saturday: No workout for me – full day of the boys’ soccer games.

Sunday: Got out early to Basecamp – 60 second alternating intervals on the bike and with free weight, barbell, and body weight training exercises (full body workout).

So that’s what I got . . . with the start of school, I’ve been very go-with-the-flow with my workouts. Knowing that I have the #BackToSchoolChallenge that I can do whenever I can’t fit a gym workout or studio class in has been really helpful. My goal is always to get about an equal amount of cardio and strength training in during the week. Cardio this week was all the walking to and from preschool, the #BackToSchoolChallenge, plus the bike work at Basecamp. Strength training/toning came from Pure Barre, #BackToSchoolChallenge and intervals from at Basecamp.



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