Sara Haley’s 14-Day

*Pregnancy, Postnatal & Diastasis Recti friendly


Strength, Cardio, and Interval Training Workout Routines for you to follow along with.

With the kids back in school, Mama needs a fresh start too.

Get your workout routine back on track!

Get back TO basics.

Get Back to
feeling fit.

get back to self care.

get back to you!

Get the early bird price of just 50 cents a day!
That’s right only $7 total! I will help you
perfect your technique and get your
workouts back on track again!
The price will go up to $14 after
August 29.

We begin this workout challenge as a group on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, but you can also do it at anytime. 

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It’s time to take care of you!

With this 14-day full-body workout challenge you will:

  • Get yourself back on a regular workout schedule
  • Burn calories & lose weight
  • Tone your entire body using your own body weight
  • Perfect your form on basic exercises
  • Learn new ways to do “old” exercises
  • Feel energized while getting in some much-needed self care
  • Discover an easy way to design your workouts
  • Take care of YOU!

Hi! I’m Sara Haley, founder of The Daily Sweat® workouts, creator of the bestselling and award-winning pre and postnatal workout series Expecting MORE® and The 4th Trimester Workout, and a real mom trying to keep myself healthy so I can be there for my kids the best I can. Trust me, I get how hard it can be to find the time to work towards your fitness goals, especially at this time of year when everyone is heading back to school. #thestruggleisreal I didn’t truly understand this struggle before motherhood because I worked in fitness full time as a celebrity and Reebok Master Trainer. Now, as a mom of three with baby #4 on the way, who has chosen to put my family first, my dedication to exercise has been reprioritized. Challenges like this one have really made it easier for me to commit and see results. Not just because there’s a plan, but because there’s a team of women who have similar life circumstances, priorities, and goals who sign up and dedicate their time to working out right along side me. I’m hoping that you too will join us this time around!

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What others have to say:

I did Sara’s #BackToSchoolChallenge last year and it was a much needed reset button at the beginning of another crazy school year. She helped me refocus on my health and fitness goals & gave me the tools needed to succeed. I especially found it to be helpful as I had gotten a little off track during and after our summer vacation. Thank you Sara for creating such a fun end of summer program & supporting each one of us through it.

Jenn, stay-at-home mom of two

Sara’s #BackToSchoolChallenge was precisely the thing I needed to get me to focus on my own fitness once the kids were back in school. The length of the challenge was perfect for keeping me on track, and I was able to stick it out to the end. The simplicity of the exercises allowed me to not get overwhelmed, so I could easily care for my own needs and become more fit for motherhood. 

Amy, mom of two and essential oils educator

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A stronger body equals a healthier body and a healthier mind.

When you sign up for this 14-day challenge, you will receive…

  • Downloadable Print Outs that you can print out (or save to your phone) to help you remember all the exercises and keep track of your progress.
  • Video tutorials to teach you the correct way to perfect each exercise as well as follow-along workouts
  • Daily accountability through check-ins on the private Facebook Group where you can share your progress and struggles with all the participants.
  • THIS YEAR’S BONUSES: Self Care Snacks e-Book & Sweat Stretch Download (an additional $10 value)

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How the #BackToSchoolChallenge Works:

  1. Be sure to check your inbox for your confirmation email. This is very important. If you don’t receive your confirmation shortly after registering, please contact
  2. Get immediate access to the private Facebook group that’s ONLY FOR THIS SPECIFIC CHALLENGE. Join as soon as you can to start meeting your teammates. The more you participate in this group the more you will get out of it.
  3. You’ll receive Printables and Videos. You will receive an email
    with all the workout downloads by midnight on Monday, September 2, so we can begin the challenge as a group on Wednesday, September 4.
  4. Tell your friends and family! #SharingisCaring and this challenge comes at the time of year when so many Mamas need it!

This challenge isn’t just about working out – it’s about committing to something.

What better way to get Back in the groove than to spend 14 days taking care of you?

What if in just 10 minutes a day you could feel stronger for you and those you love?

What if you had a team of women joining you who have the same trials, tribulations, and goals that you do?

What if you could change the way you look and feel in just 14 days?


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