Skin Care Products for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

There is no doubt that pregnancy and postpartum are hard on the body, but where I’m really feeling a challenge this 4th time around is with my skin. And I’m actually not talking about stretch marks; I’m talking about my FACE! I just went to see my esthetician this week to ask her what the deal was because I felt like I looked like I had aged 5 years just since labor and delivery 3 weeks ago. Can you relate?

Yes, of course it has a lot to do with newborn sleep habits (or lack there of), but she informed me it’s also due to dehydration from breastfeeding and the loss of all that extra water I was carrying on during pregnancy. So combined with my lack of sleep, apparently that’s why my skin feels and looks so dry right now.

Moreover, last week I threw out most of my old skin care products when I got mastitis and my skin went nuts from the antibiotic. Not knowing what the breakout was from I panicked and threw out all my skin care products that I knew had been around far too long. Side note: I also immediately stopped taking the antibiotics, and my face cleared up.

Fortunately I have been trying out some Beautycounter products this past year, thanks to my friend Annie who is a huge Beautycounter advocate. After successfully recovering from stage 2 breast cancer and confirming that it was not hereditary, Annie has been on a mission to figure out why this happened to her and so many of her friends. This journey led her to join forces as an advocate for cleaner and safer products with Beautycounter. Knowing how important the mission was to her, I’ve been trying out her favorite Beautycounter products and the company definitely lives up to it’s reputation. I’ve ultimately decided that I’m going all in on Beautycounter skin care, in hopes that it can not only keep my body and skin safer but effectively rejuvenate and slow down my aging skin. 

And you know when I find something that I believe in, I love to share, so here are my current favorite Beautycounter products that every busy mom needs in their life.

Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm: I’ve been using Beautycounter for almost a year now, and I order this cleansing balm every time. This product seriously makes you feel like you had a facial at a fancy spa. It’s so soothing on the skin. I’ll often put it on first thing in the morning and leave it on until I jump in the shower  – just because I like the way it feels. I love that it’s a nourishing daily cleanser, a makeup-removing balm, and a replenishing overnight mask all in one.

Brilliant Brow Gel: My hair isn’t going white yet, but I have found a few white hairs in my eyebrows. 😂That’s why I’m obsessed with Beautycounter’s Brow Gel. I use the Invisible-Clear Finish to tame my brows and when I want to hide the whites and make them pop I use the Light – Neutral Beige. It doesn’t flake and is easy to use. Plus, I hear a groomed brow can make you look like you got a mini face lift – or at least a full night’s sleep.

Lip conditioner and Lipgloss: Annie shared with me that women eat 3 lbs of lipstick/lipgloss in their lifetime? Insane, right? Makes you really think about what’s in in yours . . . and my guess is that it might be lead. In a recent study 32 lipsticks were tested for lead, and 75% of them contained lead. Guess what? Not Beautycounter’s. All of their lip products are incredibly moisturizing, healing and come with zero stickiness. I don’t know about you, but I love knowing that when I plant those millions of kisses on my kids everyday, they aren’t full of toxic junk. My favorite is their lip conditioner in Peppermint – feels so soothing and festive this time of year. As for the gloss, I’m love the Peony shade, but I’d recommend getting the Mini Vault set so you have tons of options.

Countersun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen: As you might imagine, sunscreen is extremely important for this ginger…and living in California, it’s something I need year-round. It is no secret that Beautycounter makes one of the best sunscreens on the market. It won an Allure “Best of Beauty” award in 2018. This past spring they came out with a tinted version of their sunscreen and I love it! It’s formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, so it makes our ocean friends happy as well. The tint helps camouflage imperfections and even out skin tone. The color is temporary and washes off in the shower! When I first started wearing it I called Annie because I felt like it was spraying everywhere. My tip is to spray it in your hands and then rub it on your body (and if that was obvious just give me an eye roll – I learned the hard way).

Radiant All Over Bronzer: Along with a good sunscreen, I also find, as a redhead, that bronzer does wonders for brightening up my face. It’s extremely forgiving in application (meaning you don’t need to be a professional at contouring, which I’m clueless on) and is very blendable, with a slight hint of shimmer. Also a huge win for us moms? This compact (like their eyeshadow palettes) includes a removable, magnetic mirror.

Mattifying Powder: On those rare days (ha!) when I can’t sneak a shower in between working out and hauling kids everywhere, this powder is everything. It absorbs shine and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.   It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and natural…nothing worse than that dried out, cakey appearance. And because it’s translucent, I don’t have to worry about it matching my skin tone (which I feel like constantly changes in California).

Countertime: In full transparency, I haven’t started using this skincare line. I just ordered it yesterday. However, the reviews about it are amazing. In fact two of my close friends have told me that it has “forever transformed their skin”. Beautycounter has been working on this line for years. They wanted to create a true anti-aging skincare line that would compete with the best-of-the-best. Retinatural is Beautycounter’s proprietary and “safe” version of retinol, as retinol sits on Beautycounter’s never list. No harmful side effects, skin irritation or increased sun sensitivity. The products last forever and smell incredible! I will keep you all updated as I use these products!

We can’t control most things, but we do have choices on the food we eat, the products we use around the house, and the products we put into and onto our bodies every day. Our largest organ is our skin. Crazy huh? I love Beautycounter’s mission and products and feel very confident knowing that what I am putting on my and my kids skin everyday is safe and effective.

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about joining forces with Beautycounter as an advocate yourself, I’d love to have you on my team – we can learn and do this together! Email me at

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