I Hate Being a “Nagging Mom”

Ugh… Please tell me you’ve been there.  I absolutely hate being a “nagging mom,” and as Landon approached 4 years old, I felt like I was being that annoying woman all the time. The funny thing is he hit 4 almost two weeks ago, and I swear it’s subsided some (not sure if I mean him or me). One of the preschool teachers at Landon’s school actually told me that might happen – that the few months leading up to 4 they seem to fight more for independence and when they turn 4, something just changes.  These teachers really seem to know what they’re talking about sometimes. LOL  Or I think it might be the fact that he now seems so proud of being 4.  He’s constantly saying, “No, I don’t need to do that now. I’m 4.”  or “I can do this now because I’m 4.” So flippin’ cute, right?

So, in case you haven’t realized it, I release videos on You Tube now every Wednesday.  Today I’m releasing a V-Log where I rant about being a “nagging mom.”  As all moms do (Please tell me you do!), we all have moments where we freak out or just need to vent to another mom.  I thought I’d share with you (for advice and free therapy), some of these moments. I’m calling them my Mommy Meltdowns.  I hope you’ll watch the video, relate, and give me (and other moms who watch and read my channel and/or blog), some advice on how to NOT be the “nagging mom.”  Feel free to leave your comments in the section below or in the comment section on my You Tube video.  If you haven’t already, you can watch it here. (And remember to subscribe to my You Tube channel so you don’t ever miss a Mommy Meltdown!)


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