Summer is officially here! Our summer is pretty short this year, due to preschool going til the end of June and kindergarten starting mid-August, so I’m determined to make it my happiest and healthiest summer yet. I made a list of the things that really help me get through the summer, so I thought I’d share them with you too!


So in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a redhead, which means the key to a happy and healthy summer in the heat and sunshine is . . . did you guess it? SUNSCREEN!  I have to give a quick shoutout to my mom because she must have put up with a lot of complaining but my sister and me. We were those kids you see at the pool in 50 plus SPF with zinc on our faces. Then, after 2 hours my mom would call us out of the pool, and we had to put t-shirts on over our swimsuits. I’m sure it was pure torture at the time but no doubt it saved me from a lot of sunburns.

So, in other words, it’s permanently ingrained in me to put on sunscreen. I’m constantly trying out new sunscreens and my new favorite is one that was sent to me by Julia Hickman. It’s Rodan & Fields Essentials Body Sunscreen. I like it because it’s safe for the whole family, lightweight, non-greasy, and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes and packed full of Vitamins C & E. You can reach out to Julia on Facebook if you’re interested in giving it a try, or on her website at

For the kids, I had been using whatever came in a stick for their faces (since it fits in my purse and can easily be put on a squirmy face), but a few weeks ago Liam (my 2-year-old) had a crazy break out. After taking him to an allergist, per her suggestion, I’ve switched him to a “physical” sunscreen (rather than a “chemical” sunscreen). I’m currently using Vanicream Broad Spectrum for him. FYI – we’re now thinking that his breakout was most likely viral, but thought I’d share anyways.



Honestly, 9 times out of 10 when I’m feeling fatigued, unenergized, grumpy or have a headache, I’m dehydrated, which is why I pretty much carry water with me everywhere in the summer.  So to keep my body functioning at it’s best and my mind clear, water is the solution.

For home use and especially for entertaining, I love drinking water out of a mason jar with a fun straw. Thanks to my Healthy Choices Food Challenge and Chef Kara Gambrel, I am now obsessed with making my own fruit infused water. You can join the challenge at for free to get those recipes.

Lemon, Cucumber & Basil Infused Water
Lemon, Cucumber & Basil Infused Water

If you’re on the go, I recommend using a S’well water bottle. A girlfriend of mine gave me one for my birthday last year and it’s amazing – you can keep it in your car for up to 2 days and water will stay cold! I don’t know what tastes better than a cold glass of water on a hot day.

S'well Water Bottle
S’well Water Bottle

Oh and by now, you also know I LOVE my Hint Water. It’s perfect for grabbing on the go, in case you don’t have time to infuse your own. If you want to get 20% off go HERE and enter SARA20 at checkout; you can also still catch the Kick & Hydrate Bundle where you get 2 cases of Hint, my Sweat UNLIMTIED DVD and a workout headband.


For the kids, we are loving Klean Kanteen water bottles. I get asked all the time about them. I bought the boys different colors so they always know which is there’s, and I also use Mabel’s Labels for the bottles and anything else I think might get lost in the bustle of kids. The ones I have on Liam’s cup are pre-printed from Kiddo Tags, but I’ve really found that Mabel’s Labels are great because you can write in whatever name you need to, even your biggest of boys. LOL

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle
Mabel’s Labels


Summertime at my house means there is more time for us to use our legs and walk everywhere we can –  to the beach, to the park, to friends’ houses, you name it. That means comfortable (and cute) shoes are a MUST! And if I’m not working out in them, I love shoes that are hands-free, so that I can slip them on and go. I truly haven’t found a pair of Skechers that I don’t love, but the Stretch Fit: Glider – Deep Space sneakers are so convenient and soooo comfy. They also add a great pop of color to any outfit.

Stretch Fit: Glider – Deep Space

My boys also love their Skechers. They have easy velcro for the little ones, and Landon says he can run “super fast” in them.

Skech-Air 3.0 – Down Rush
Flex Advantage – Mini Blast


All year long you can probably catch me most days wearing something from Prismsport. I not only think their clothes are unbelievably comfy and flattering, but their prints are just so unique. I constantly get compliments when I’m wearing their pieces, and the summer line is just as fun as ever. My favorite new print is the SOHO line. I’m a big fan of the Classic Capri and Flex Bra but I honestly wear ALL of their stuff. The best part about Prismsport is it’s versatility – you can wear their prints to the gym, around town and I’ve even dressed up and gone out in them. If you’re looking for something fun and different this summer, Prismsport will make your legs look great and make you feel good. Feel free to shop and use code ACTSH at checkout for 30% off your first order (15% off consecutive orders).

Classic Capri – Soho
Flex Bra – Soho Print with Verde Band and Black Trim


Last but not least, these are definitely my newest obsessions from The popular artwork and home decor site recently came out with an entire Beach line and the Weekender Tote Bags and Round Beach Towels are so much fun.  I used the Weekender Tote Bag last weekend at the beach, and I can’t believe how much stuff fit in it – diaper supplies, snacks, change of outfits for both kids and me, plus 3 beach towels. The best part was that it fits perfectly on my shoulder, so I could still juggle the kids without dropping all the stuff.

kauai-island-palms-blue-hawaii-photography-melanie-alexandra-price Weekender Tote Bag

I don’t need to say much about the Round Beach Towels. They pretty much speak for themselves. They are obviously perfect for the beach, but I’ve been using them for everything – the park, as a blanket, and even for inside picnics. All four of us can fit on one towel too, which means you don’t have to bring as many towels with you.

Landon & Liam picnicing inside
Landon & Liam picnicking inside Round Beach Towel Round Beach Towel

The best part about is that you can seriously pick from any design you can imagine or even create your own. Yes, this means you could put your kids’ faces on a beach towel. I haven’t done it on a beach towel yet, but I have on Pixel’s pillows, tote bags, greeting cards, phone cases and their new battery charges (which saved me when our electricity went out this week due to a transformer fire on our block).

pillow Pillow
tote bag Tote Bag

The bottom line is I’m the happiest and feeling my best when my kids are happy which means being prepared. Both of these items are not only fun to have but are currently making my life easier.

I hope you’ll find some of these items helpful this summer. What can’t you live without in the summer? What makes you the happiest and healthies? Would love to hear you recommendations in the comment section below!


  1. Thank you for the feature, Sara! I’m so glad to see that you’re enjoying your sunscreen and staying protected from the sun 🙂
    If anyone has any questions about any Rodan+Fields products, feel free to reach out to me.


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