Your Turn to Get Red Carpet Ready! (Oscars 2017 Workout)

Ready to get pumped up for the Oscars? Whether you are a super fan or not, this workout will pump you up from head to toe. Make sure you check out my Instagram post to see my co-choreographers at work. Workout description and videos of the exercises are below.

Here’s my Oscar 2017 Workout with some short clips demonstrated by my non-pregnant friend, Whitney. Thanks Whitney!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat 2 more times. The entire workout should take under 30 minutes. Stay hydrated throughout with my favorite Hint Water!

  1. “HIDDEN FIGURES” HUSTLE (cardio): Start this off as a warm up exercise. Using the numbers 1-10 just gently jog or hustle it out drawing out each number with your feet. As you move into your next rounds, pick up speed and/or take it into high knees to get your heart rate up -1 minute total.

2. “MOONLIGHT” MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (cardio & core training): First time through, feel free to do more traditional mountain climbers where you alternate running your knees into your chest for 1 minute. The following rounds take a side plank and walk or run (when you feel comfortable) the knees to the chest – 30 seconds on each side.

3. “LA LA” LUNGES (legs & butt): Get ready to feel the burn. Begin on one knee. Rotate into a surfer stance and then back to a lunge with the knee just hovering above the floor. Perform 30 seconds on each side.

4. “HACKSAW RIDGE” ROWS (cardio & back training): From standing, squat down to walk or jump your feet out to a plank position (keep the legs wide for stability). In a plank position row each arm back – squeeze your butt and abs to keep your hips still. Walk or jump feet back to a squat burpee-style and stand up. First time through come to standing. As you move into consecutive rounds, you have the option to add a light jump or tuck jump that the top. Feel free to modify on the knees or make it more challenging by adding weights to the rows. Perform for 1 minute total.

5. BOOTY “BY THE SEA” (butt): From a bridge position, cross one leg over the other like you’re sunbathing by the ocean. Lower down and back up squeezing your glutes tight at the top. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

6. “ARRIVAL” ABS (core) or SPACESHIP SQUATS (legs & butt): All of the exercises in this circuit are appropriate for pregnancy except for ARRIVAL ABS, which is why I (or rather Landon) created the SPACESHIP SQUATS (see Instagram post). Feel free to choose your favorite or do both exercises. For ARRIVAL ABS bring your hands to your chest in the shape of a spaceship, pull your navel to your spine and slowly roll up bringing your arms up with you. If you get stuck bend your knees to help you come up. Slowly roll back down one vertebra at a time. For SPACESHIP SQUATS, start in a big sumo squat with your arms pressed together. Count to 4 as you go down and 1 as you shoot up (Squeeze your butt tight at the top). Option to raise your heels when you get to the top. Perform for 1 minute total.

Leave me a note below and tell me what your favorite exercise was or leave any questions you have. Remember if you want to commit to a workout challenge, you can sign up for my FREE 10 day Upper Body Blast Challenge HERE.

9 thoughts on “Your Turn to Get Red Carpet Ready! (Oscars 2017 Workout)

  1. Great exercise choices to get the body hottie for “OSCAR” season and Whitney is rocking them too.

  2. My favorite exercise is ARRIVAL Abs. I think this workout will help me to lose fat from my belly. Which workout will be more effective to lose fat from my belly?

    1. Nazia, do you mean which exercise or which workout? Doing Arrival Abs in combination with the other cardio moves in the workout. If you’re looking for a workout program to help with overall weight loss check out my Sweat UNLIMITED workout: Also, have you checked yourself for diastasis recti?

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