5 Remedies for Morning Sickness

“I just can’t . . . “

This was pretty much all I thought and said during my first trimester this time around (I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant.). I’d order a salad . . . “I just can’t.”  I’d try to push through a cardio workout . . . “I just can’t.”  I’d try to get out of bed . . . “I just can’t.”  

Like many things with pregnancy that I hadn’t experienced myself, my view on morning sickness was “Is that really a thing?” My mom telling me she lost 10 pounds during her first trimester with my sister because she was so sick . . . my first prenatal client in NYC (I love you Melanie!) canceling on me because she had just vomited . . . my friends who swore they couldn’t eat anything but french fries during their first trimester. I thought they must be exaggerating – it can’t be that bad! Boy, do I get it now!

I was lucky enough not to get physically sick this pregnancy, but up until about 15 weeks I woke up feeling like I was about to. Nothing sounded good to eat . . . except for pizza, french fries, pasta (and most other carbs). Cardio exercise made everything worse. And honestly, I just didn’t want to do much at all. Needless to say, I was desperate for remedies. Below is a video I made about the remedies that worked best for me, as well as a list of some of the products that I had success with, depending on the day.


  1. Fresh ginger with lemon and hot water
  2. Hammond’s Old Fashioned Ginger Drops
  3. Gingerale


I took Dicelgis, but I highly recommend you doing your research and speaking with your doctor about it.


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I found success with lavender essential oil by DoTERRA. Find out more about essential oils HERE.


This was magical for me. I love and recommend Ricardo Miranda, La.C, of Westside Acupuncture in Los Angeles.



If you had morning sickness during pregnancy, leave some of your remedies in the section below.

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9 thoughts on “5 Remedies for Morning Sickness

  1. In both previous pregnancies I was sick all the time and nothing helped me. With this third one I was the same but luckily found no to morning sickness tea that helped easing my sickness.

  2. Preggie Pops have been a life saver for me! I’m 8 weeks pregnant with twins and week 5 saw me in bed only getting up to throw up. Acupuncture has been a huge help for me as well.

  3. Nothing much helped me but little snacks throughout the day. Ate to much and I’d be sick in a few minutes. Not fun

  4. I’m so glad you talk about not being able to work out!!! That has been my experience all my pregnancies early on and I always struggle with just feeling like I’m being lazy. But I seriously can’t do much throughout the day. I need to get some ginger and lemon drops to have on hand. And I’m going to see if there are any cheaper community acupuncture places in my area. Thanks, Sara!!

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