Turkey Training Thanksgiving Workout

This workout is intended to burn calories, blast fat, and boost your metabolism to help combat any overindulging you may do this holiday. Yes, the exercises may have some hokey holiday names but these exercises are no joke!  The best part is that no equipment is required so you can do this workout anywhere!  Do one set of each exercise and repeat 3 times. Leave any questions you have in the comments below.

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1. Cornucopia Crisscross Chops (core, butt, and shoulders):

A cornucopia makes everyone think of Thanksgiving and a chop makes me think of a strong core (and a great way to warm up the body).

1) Begin with your hips and feet slightly rotated out, so that you can safely chop from corner to corner (your hips, knees, and toes should all stay in one line). Clasp your hands together or use a weight if you have one available and rotate the entire body to one corner of the room as you swing your hands back over one shoulder.

2) Squeeze your abs and butt and forcefully swing down to the opposite corner. The lower you go over the leg the more you’ll work the lower body too. Use your whole body to execute the move and exhale as you swing down. After all, the cornucopia is a symbol of abundance so give it everything you got! 

15 reps on each side (30 total)

2. Sweet Potato Inside Out Squats (legs, butt, and obliques):

Get your cardio on with these fun squats (You’ll need to if you want to eat those sweet potatoes).

1) Face one side of the room and lower into a squat. Keep your chest lifted.

2) Push off the floor to jump and turn your body to the front. 

3) Land facing the opposite direction. **If you’re not up for jumping just walk your squats to face each side of the room. It will still work your legs, butt, and obliques!

10 reps to each side (20 total)

3. Mashed Potato Mountain Climbers (core and shoulders):

Beware these mountain climbers are trickier than you think, so stay in control!

  1. Begin in a plank position.

2) Lift the same hand up as knee that pulls in and “mash the potatoes”. Work to keep the hips steady and even, so you probably won’t need to lift a hand very high off the floor. **If your hips are moving too much, just try lifting the knees alternating 4x followed by the hands 4x.

20 with each leg (40 total)

4. Turkey Gobbler Get Ups (abs and obliques):

Say “No way!” to a pending turkey gobbler with this full body move the targets your core.

1) Begin lying on the ground with your right arm and knee lifted with your left leg and arm on the floor. Using your abs, reach up until you are leaning on your left elbow. Your legs should NOT have moved yet. Keep your focus on your right hand.

2) Push all the way up onto the palm of your hand so your hips are lifted high off the floor.

3) Slide your left leg underneath you so you are kneeling on it. The right foot has not moved.

4) Lean over to touch the ground with your right hand and bring your left hand to your head. Reverse the process until you are lying back on the ground again. Repeat this process for one minute total on each side.

6 reps one each side (12 total)

5. Thanksgiving Break Burpees: 

The kids might be on a “break” from school but that doesn’t mean we’re taking a break from our workouts. There’s nothing that gets the heart pumping and calories burning like a burpee.

1) Begin on the ground in a squat.

2) Push your legs back and lay flat with your hands underneath your shoulders.

3) Jump your legs in between your hands to come back into a squat.

4) Stand up and reach up. 

10 reps

6. Cornbread Stuffing Stretch & Crunch:

Stuffing is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish! What’s yours? This exercise will work your core and stretch your legs all in one move.

1) Begin on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees lifted. Crunch up as you lift your hips slightly off the floor so that everything comes closer together.

2) Use a little momentum from your crunch to come up to a seated position with your legs straight out in front of you. Reach forward to stretch the back & hamstrings. Hold the stretch for a count of four before repeating the entire movement.

10 reps


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