Get Hydrated for Self-Care

I’ve talked a lot in¬†some of my¬†live broadcasts on¬†Facebook and Instagram about self-care being essential for happiness. Drinking¬†enough¬†water¬†is¬†a big self-care habit that determines my mood and yet I continue to forget again and again. Why¬†do¬†I feel so¬†hungry? Why do¬†I feel¬†angry? Ummmm¬†.¬†. . because I’m dehydrated! Sound familiar?

So drink your water!

Here are three tips for making sure you stay hydrated.

1. Keep water in the places you spend the most time. This could be a water bottle that you literally take everywhere you go, or it may work better to have bottles stashed in a few different places. For me, that means in the kitchen, in my bedroom and in the car. Where do you spend the most time? Do you keep any water there?

Obviously, the kitchen is an easy¬†place to store water. In my bedroom, I have a little basket either by my bed or by the rocking chair (since that’s where I spend a lot of time breastfeeding) that has little bottles of water, and I always try to have a case, or at a minimum, a few bottles of water tossed in my car


2. Use a straw. I always down water quicker and more easily through a straw. I have a tumbler that I keep in my fridge. This one is my favorite . . . well, because it’s true. LOL

3. Think outside the box. How else can you get your water in? You can infuse your water with fruit and herbs. You can drink flavored water, sparkling water, hot water, water with lemon, tea. Hint Water is one of my favorites because they have flavored water and sparkling water with no sugar, preservatives or calories. 

Do you hydrate regularly? Any other helpful hints for making sure you get enough water each day?

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