Your Quick Fitness Routine Checklist

You get the kids off to the school, and you’re on your way to the gym when you realize that you don’t have a supportive bra on. Or maybe you just put your baby down for a nap, and you finally have time to sneak in a quick workout when you realize your phone is almost dead. I don’t know about you, but working out withOUT the right tunes can sometimes feel like a death sentence to me. In all scenarios, you’ve lost precious time to be working out and almost feel like abandoning it all together. Sound familiar?

So here’s a quick checklist I run through when I prep myself (along with my littles) in the morning. Feel free to steal it, share it, or add to it.

1. Water and more water

I don’t know how many times, I’ve started my workout and have had to break for water or MORE water. Set yourself up for success by having a water bottle or two there with you. If you find yourself feeling fatigue or crampy during your workout, most likely you are already dehydrated. You probably know my go-to by now, but I almost always have HINT with me. (It also keeps me from getting bored with plain old water.) I actually don’t mind room temperature water so I usually prep by throwing a few bottles in my bag the night before when I’m making the boys’ lunches. If I’m working out at home, I make sure to have a few bottles near me, so I’m not taking unnecessary breaks to get more water.

2. Comfortable active wear

If you haven’t heard this tip before, I highly recommend, if your lifestyle allows it, putting on workout clothes first thing in the morning. I don’t take mine off until I get my workout in, and yes, this sometimes means I end up wearing them all day long and never working out. If your weekly lifestyle doesn’t allow for this, then I recommend packing up your workout clothes the night before, and maybe trying out this tip on the weekend.

Having a few transitional athleisure essentials, like supportive and comfortable leggings, a quality bra, and comfy top are key because you don’t have to worry about changing clothes or looking like you’re wearing workout clothes every day.  Wearing a comfortable bra like these ones from True & Co can make you feel more confident when going from school drop off to your favorite workout (whether that’s at home or the gym). Remember, when you feel better, you perform better too!

3. Charge your phone (so your killer playlist is ready to go)

Music is everything to me when it comes to working out (and life frankly). Listening to music during your workout can help intensify it and make you feel more energized. Putting on the right tunes in preparation for your workout can also do wonders for getting you pumped up! Sometimes it can literally make me feel like I can conquer anything. Have you tried working out to The Greatest Showman soundtrack? It will seriously get you feeling confident and happy.

Signing up for a music streaming service like Apple Music will unlock so many fun workout playlists for whatever workout you’re planning on doing. Check out some of my other favorite jams HERE. And if music isn’t your thing, then I recommend giving podcasts a try.

4. Protein bar or snack

After your workout, it is crucial to fuel your body with protein. This is probably the thing I forget to have on me most. Protein helps rebuild muscles so they are stronger than ever for you next round of squats or pushups. Also, it is normal to feel pretty hungry after a workout, so throw a protein bar in your gym bag for good ‘after workout’ snack. I’ve become a big fan of Herbalife Protein Bites and am also obsessed with these DIY Fiber-Filled Granola Bars (Tip: Eat it while doing your doing some post-workout stretches!) And if you’re heading out to run errands after your workout, having either of these on hand will keep you full so you’re not pressured to make any impulsive purchases.

So what am I missing? Do you have anything else on your checklist?

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