30 Day #SayNoToCrunches – Week 4

Dun, dun,dun . . . Here it is: the final week of the¬†30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge! This final week is called “Finish on Your Forearms,” and I’m guessing it will probably feel like the hardest week yet. But have no fear! ¬†Just¬†remember to take breaks when you need to, but DO NOT give up now . . . you are so close! ¬†Rest¬†between exercises and roll your shoulders back and around like I demonstrate in this video from Week 2. ¬†If you miss a day, make it up (read here on the best way to make up a missed day), and don’t beat yourself up over it!

Remember to take pics or video, share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @SaraHaleyFit & #SayNoToCrunches. ¬†The winner this week will win a copy of my Sweat UNLIMITED DVD, as well as a case of water from one of my favorites: HINT Water. It’s flavored water with no sugar, no preservatives & no calories.

Here are the descriptions of this week’s¬†“Finish on Your Forearms”¬†exercises and modifications (M):

Forearm Plank: Forearms are on the floor with your shoulders and elbows in line. Pull your navel to your spine and squeeze your butt to create a flat back.  You want to avoid letting your lower back sink down but also be careful of rounding the back too much. Push your shoulders down away from your ears.  The closer your legs are together, the harder this exercise will feel.  M:  Take your legs farther apart or lower down to your knees.

Forearm Plank Taps: From your forearm plank position, lightly tap your knees down to the floor and then raise them back up. M:  Hold the taps longer.

Forearm Plank Rocks:  From your forearm plank position, slowly rock your body forward and back, so that your body weight shifts over your shoulders and then back in line.  M: Do the same exercise but on your knees.

Forearm Plank Reach:  From your forearm plank position, reach one arm forward at a time. Squeeze your glutes and widen your feet if you need to, in order to keep your hips square to the floor.  M: Do the same exercise but on your knees.

Forearm Plank Runs: ¬†From your forearm plank position, pull one knee into the chest at a time. Really focus on hollowing out your abs as the knee comes in. ¬†Do not rush this exercise. Focus on getting it right before moving faster. ¬†M:¬†From all 4’s, bring one knee into the chest at a time, and then extend it out long behind you.

Forearm Plank Up-Downs:  From your forearm plank position, walk up to a full plank on your hands, and then walk back down to your forearms. Lead with your right arm for one rep and then lead with the left.  M:  Do the same exercise but on your knees.

Forearm Rotation Rows:  Begin on your forearms but turn them so that they are horizontal with your right in front of your left. Rotate to your right, so that you are in a side plank with your right foot crossed in front of your left. Row the right arm back to your hip.  Come back to plank in the center and do it on the left.  Continue alternating. M:  Do the same exercise but on your knees.


Download this for Week 4¬†“Finish On Your Forearms”: ¬†SaraHaley#SayNoToCrunchesWeek4

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And if you need the 30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge calendar again, download this:  SaraHaley#SayNoToCrunchesCalendar

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