How To Increase Your Milk Supply & Hydrate Better

A few months ago, when I was traveling to Chicago, I experienced a nursing mom’s worst nightmare – the dreaded decrease in milk supply! ¬†Of course, I freaked out! ¬†You can read all about that experience and¬†what I did to increase my milk supply in my post Guzzle Some Water & Chug a Beer. ¬†Today, I want to share with you the water that I have found truly hydrates me better and keeps my milk supply at a steady flow. ¬†It’s called Essentia, and it’s an alkaline 9.5 pH water with added electrolytes.

Before I tried Essentia, I didn’t really know a lot about alkaline water. ¬†As I share in my YouTube video¬†above, our bodies can become acidic from simply living life. ¬†Stress, diet, and the environment all unfortunately contribute to creating acidity in our bodies. By drinking Essentia, it can help bring our bodies to a more balanced state. Essentia puts their water through a three step process of purification, electrolyte infusion and ionization, which results in water that is easily absorbed into your body, not to mention hydrates you, and just tastes better. ¬†“Alkaline” simply means the water is less acidic.

I’m by no means a science person, but remember back (or Google) the pH scale. It provides a measure from the most acidic (which is zero), to the most alkaline, (+140. ¬†Most waters have a pH factor of 7.0. Essentia has a pH factor of 9.5. It’s that much better!

So in layman’s terms, what does this mean for us, especially as hydration obsessed, nursing moms? It means that Essentia water tastes smoother, goes down easier, and thus, hydrates us better. I probably sound like a commercial, but I’m serious when I say, I literally start drinking Essentia and the next thing I know it’s gone.

So for whatever it’s worth, check Essentia out, especially if you’re trying to increase your milk supply or just hydrate better. ¬†Cheers!

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