Exercises for Healing a Diastasis Recti

Last week I shared a post and video on what a diastasis recti is and how to check yourself for it. Ā I appreciate how many of you responded to it or shared it, yet at the same time it confirms how much more common diastasis recti is.

Although I highly encourage anyone who thinks they might have a diastasis recti to check with their OBGYN or midwife, as well as check in with a pelvic floor specialist, I thought I would share with you some exercises that are safe and suggested for diastasis recti recovery. Ā Furthermore, these are just amazing exercises for any woman who’s had a baby, but especially in the first few weeks or months working out (assuming you’ve been given permission by your doctor). Please watch the video for breakdown and explanation

If you are looking for more exercises like these, I highly recommend you check out my postnatal workout DVD, Expecting MOREĀ®: The 4th Trimester Workout. There are modifications for diastasis recti throughout all eight workouts.


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