Super Bowl Workout

No time to workout on Super Bowl Sunday or needing a little football inspired action? Have no fear! Mama Sara is here with a Super Bowl Workout. I know it sounds cheesy but I promise if you push yourself, it will kick some serious Super Bowl booty!

Exercises are listed below with a quick video where I demo (pregnant and all) the exercises. You have 2 options in terms of the workout. 1) Perform it as a legit workout using the sets and reps I recommend. 2) Make it a game in itself where you perform the exercises as you watch the game. Ā As someone who is not that into the game (unless a Chicago team is playing) this helps keep me a little more involved. It’s kind of like playing a drinking game . . . the healthy way!

Would love to hear your comments in the section below as to which way you used the workout and what your favorite exercises are.

Watch this video to learn how to do the exercises (It’s also at the bottom of this post). Sets & reps, as well as “Game” instructions, are below. If you’re just doing the workout alone (not during the game) run the program 3 times through, which should take under 30 minutes. You will get a complete body workout.

Super Bowl Shuffle: Ā Perform for one minute to get your heart rate up and pumping.

Game: Do the shuffle for the entire first commercialĀ of every break.

Penalty Planks:Ā Perform 10 reps total alternating leading with the right arm and then the left.

Game: When a penalty is called perform 10 reps total alternating leading with the right arm and then the left.

Toe-Pop Touchdowns: Standing on the balls of your feet with your heels lifted, lower down into a squat and alternate touching down right and left 20 times. Option to pulse the squat.

Game: Hold and alternate touching down during the touchdown replays.

Dumbbell Defense: Ā With 8 pound dumbbells or more, performĀ 15 shoulder presses, 15 bicep curls, 15 overhead triceps extensions

Game: Every time your team is on defense perform 15 shoulder presses, 15 bicep curls, 15 overhead tricep extensions.

Burpee Blitz:Ā Perform for 1 minute.

Game: When your team performs a blitz, do 10 reps.

Halftime Hinges:Ā Perform 12 reps in split-stance or with back leg lifted on each leg. Option to use 8 pound dumbbell or more.

Game: During halftime, perform 12 reps on each leg, 3 times through.

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