Drinking Healthy During Preconception, Pregnancy & Nursing

About a month ago I received a package in the mail from my sister.  Two weeks behind me and sharing the same desire to be as healthy as we can through our pregnancies, she sent me the perfect gift: a bundle of prenatal juices!  Many of the juices available at some of my favorite spots in Santa Monica are unpasteurized, so I was excited to try Bundle Organics prenatal beverages, which are pasteurized for expecting moms.  They supplement prenatal vitamins with an extra bump of key vitamins and minerals for baby’s healthy development, including 200 mcg of folic acid, 100 mg of calcium, 601U vitamin D, and 500 mg of omega-3. Plus, there is only about 160 calories in one bottle, so if you’re getting sick of drinking water, it’s a great alternative!  In other words, I love them!

The Variety Pack includes one Dark Berry Veggies Organic Prenatal Juice, one Orange Carrot Berry Ginger Organic Prenatal Juice (my sister’s favorite), and one Kale Apple Lemon Ginger Organic Prenatal Juice (my personal favorite). It’s great because there is something for everyone and each juice has additional benefits depending on it’s ingredients.  Although, as I mentioned, all of them have the extra bump of folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, omega-3 and iron, the Dark Berry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to give pregnant moms more energy and help fight off illness, the Orange/Carrot not only has vitamin C but beta carotene to increase immunity, build the baby’s circulatory, respiratory, nervous system and bones, and the Kale, Apple, Lemon & Ginger is full of folic acid, calcium and iron to help with cell growth and development while the lemon and ginger helps combat fatigue and reduce nausea. So for all of you with morning sickness, try my favorite one!  They are available in packs of 3, 6, or 12 or as bundled monthly subscriptions, or you can buy them individually as well if you are obsessed with one particular juice like me.


I could go on and on about the fact that Bundle Organics are GMO-free, have no added sugars, no preservatives, and even the bottles are BPA-free, but what I’m more excited to tell you about is the give-away I’m doing with them. When I reached out to tell them how much I love their product, we decided to collaborate and do a give-away together, so starting today, when you LIKE both the Sara Haley Fitness Facebook page and Bundle Organics Facebook page, you’ll be entered to win a Bundle Organics Variety pack, along with my Expecting More® prenatal workout DVD!  No matter if you’re in pre-conception, pregnancy or breastfeeding, both products are the perfect products for maintaining a healthy and happy pregnancy and beyond!

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