The Lazy Mom Workout

In 2017 I’m committing to sharing more workouts with you . . . ones I actually do. This workout may not be the perfect one to pump you up for the new year, but the reality is we ALL have lazy days and sometimes we need some exercises for those days too. I’m also guessing that you might still be coming out of a food (or alcohol) coma so baby steps are best. LOL Or maybe you’re 17 weeks pregnant like me and simply can’t rally on some days. I had plenty of those days over the past few months, as this pregnancy has been a little more challenging than my others in terms of feeling well and getting in my workouts.

So here we go – these are 3 moves that I often do while lying on the ground with my kids around. Most of the time I do this workout it’s late at night and I haven’t done any other exercise that day and I just want to feel like I’ve done something! Also, because I tend to lay off a lot of core work during pregnancy, I love working on toning my legs and arms. These are great moves for the butt and legs.

Pictures and descriptions are below or you can watch the exercises on video HERE.

Exercise #1: Outer Thigh Parallel Leg Lifts

Lie on one side with your forearm supporting you, your hand supporting your head or you can just lay flat on top of your arm. The key is to position your entire body in one line. If you need a little help balancing (Thank you Baby Bump), place one hand in front of your body. You can also just place it on your top leg or put it behind your head (to challenge your balance even more). The upper body does not move but the core does engage (so tighten your abs while you breathe in and out). With your toes facing the front of the room, lift the top foot up and lower back down. Because my legs like to turn out, I almost try to invert my top leg and point my toes towards the floor. Point or flex your feet – I honestly don’t care which, but choose one to help contract your leg muscles. After performing 20-30 leg lifts, hold your top leg up and pulse for 20-30 more reps. (Make sure to do both sides.)


Exercise #2: Basic Bridges

Nothing fancy here – I’m sure you’ve done these before but they work. You just have to do enough of them. With your feet underneath your knees (If you don’t feel these, double check and make sure your feet are actually underneath your knees. If they are too far away your won’t feel the instant gratificaitonĀ I know you want.), lift your booty up off the floor. Make sure your shoulder blades remain in contact with the floor. Remember it’s your butt and hamstrings that you are working here. That said, your core is also engaged. You can do this exercise with your hands flat on the floor. I have mine on my belly because I tend to be lazy with this exercise and forget to engage my core (especially when I’m pregnant), so I was feeling for that more than anything else. Again, 20-30 full extension reps (all the way up and all the way down). Then hold at the top and pulse for 20-30 reps. If you want to feel this more in your hamstrings, pop your toes up off the floor.


Exercise #3: Inner Thigh Turned Out Leg Lifts

The set up for this one is the trickiest of the three exercises. Like the outer thigh lifts you lie on one side with your forearm on the ground, your hand supporting your head or you can lay flat on top of your arm. I feel the most comfortable on my forearm for this one. Your back knee is up and I balance on the ball of my foot. The main reason for this is the foot position helps keep me propped up and engaged in the oblique of the side I’m lying on. (I also have short legs, so it’s more comfortable.) The front leg is going to turn out so think of rotating open from the hip to lift your heel towards the ceiling. You’ll need to continue thinking about this as you perform the exercise. Again, point or flex your feet – I honestly don’t care which, but choose one to help contract your leg muscles. Your top arm you can once again play with as well – put it in front for balance or on top of your back leg. Lift the front leg up and down (I never really let it touch all the way down) 20-30 reps. Hold and pulse for 20-30 reps.


You can do this workoutĀ one of three ways Ā . . .Ā 

It really depends on how many Basic Bridges (Exercise #2) you want to do.

  1. Exercise #1 right leg, Exercise #1 left leg, Exercise #2, Exercise #3 right leg, Exercise #3 left leg
  2. Exercise #1 right leg, Exercise #2, Exercise #3 right leg, Exercise #2, Exercise #3 left leg, Exercise #2, Exercise #3 left leg
  3. Exercise #1 right leg, Exercise #3 right leg, Exercise #2, Exercise #1 left leg, Exercise #3 left leg, Exercise #2

ToĀ make this workout more challenging . . .

  1. Add more reps
  2. Add ankle weights
  3. Repeat the entire series a few times in a row

I’d love to hear what you think of my Lazy Mom Workout. Leave your comments and of course any questions you have below. Also, let me know what other kinds of workouts you want to see.

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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for your well researched writing. I am 21 weeks pregnant. Can I do this 3 workout in this stage? Up to how many weeks I can?

  2. I actually do #1 all the time to keep me from falling asleep on the floor with the kids. Lol. Now I can add 2 more to it.

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