The Better Body Baby Workout

I created this workout because I constantly get asked by parents for exercises they can do with their babies. It’s a quick circuit: 3 cardio exercises followed by 3 conditioning exercises. All you need is your baby and a comfortable place you can lay down (a yoga mat or carpet). Perform each cardio exercise for one minute followed by each conditioning exercise for 10-20 reps. Repeat the circuit as many times as you have time for.  Each round should last approximately 5-7 minutes. Please watch the video for details, but I’ve listed the exercises below in case you want to copy and paste them to refer back to during your workout.

** Please do not try these exercises until your child has enough neck strength to hold their head up on their own.

The Better Body Baby Workout:

1.  The Baby Dance – 1 minute

2.  Run It Out – 1 minute

3.  Mountain Climbers – 1 minute

4.  So Big – 10-20 reps

5.  Say Hello – 10-20 reps

6.  Biking with Baby – 10-20 reps


Please leave any questions you have in the comment sections below.  Feel free to share with any parents you think might love (or need) this workout!


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  1. Brianne Langsdale says:

    These are awesome! I already do the Say Hello with my 8 mo. daughter and I can’t wait to try the Baby Dance. Thanks for these great exercises Sara and I’m loving the 4th Trimester Workout DVD too!

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