Easy Ways to Storytell with Your Kids

Unless you know me from high school, you are probably unaware¬†that I’m the daughter of Mother Goose. ¬†What?? Yes, my mom is a professional storyteller. Long story short, she was an elementary school teacher before she became a mom to¬†my sister and me. She stayed at home with us and then started her own storytelling business with a program called “Mother Goose and Her Friends” when I was in high school. Twenty years later, she now has 3 different¬†storytelling programs for kids, teaches high schoolers how to story tell, and just recently started visiting retirement homes to share her gift of storytelling.

And yes, I realize that my kids are the luckiest grandchildren to have Mother Goose as their grandmother. I’ve not only learned a lot from her, but now Landon and Liam get too as well. One of the simplest things she does is storytelling with her hands as props, something that she refers to as “Finger Play.” On her last visit with us, she was gratious¬†enough to let me shoot a short video to share with all of you. I hope that you’ll take a look and learn, or perhaps be¬†reminded of, some fun ways to storytell with your kids.

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