The Best Baby & Kids Music That Won’t Make You Go Insane

When I think about all the music I received as a first-time mom, most of it made me go absolutely insane. In the same note, one of the things you quickly realize as a parent is that Guns ‘N Roses “One in a Million” or Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” is no longer appropriate to blast in your car, well at least until you hear from the backseat “Mommy, what does ____ mean?”

So as someone that’s pretty obsessed with music, here are a few of our current favorites for kids of all ages that you will quickly find yourself singing, even when your kids aren’t around. P.S. These make great gifts for your mom friends or even kids’ birthdays.

1.Ā It’s a Beautiful Day . . . to Play with Ashley & BobbyĀ ashley


Ashley & Bobby’s sing and drum to originals, as well as some kids classics with a hip Africa, Brazil, & Cuba vibe. I just pulled this one back as Liam is currently working on his ABC’s. It’s a great CD for working on letters, numbers, colors and more.


2.Ā Parker Bent’s Parker Placeparker

We just discovered this CD last year. Parker Bent was the music teacher at Landon’s preschool, as well as several other Santa Monica preschools. His songs are catchy and fun, some remakes and some originals. My hubby, a huge rock ‘nĀ roll fan, quickly caught on to several of these, making it a favorite for family road trips.



3. Kidville’sĀ Rockin’ RailroadĀ rockin


Kidville in a national kids’ playspace. We are lucky enough to have one here in Santa Monica. The album consists of several of the songs from their class – think rock ‘nĀ roll kids with lots of talk about trains. They also have a great Clean Up song that you can use at your leisure to get your kids on clean up duty.

Ā 4. I Love You ________

Lastly, I thought I’d share with you one of my own creations.Ā I’m a huge musical theater geek so with a little inspiration from Bye Bye Birdie, this is a lullaby that I made up when Landon was born and I sing it to both my kids still (now age 5 & 2). Take a peek. The lyrics are listed below the video.

I’d love to hear what some of your family music favorites are. Please share in the comment section below for other moms to see!

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