I was a little afraid . . .

I’m not going to lie. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve always been really skeptical when it comes to essential oils. I guess the idea of dabbing a little peppermint oil onĀ my feet to calm an upset stomach always seemed a little incredulous.

That said, over the years, especially due to social media, I’ve seen a lot of friends swear by them, recommend them, and of course, sell them. So when Jennifer Abbott of Oily BabiesĀ approached me about giving them a try, I thought why not? After all, I’d seen Facebook posts about lavender and/or chamomile oils helping babies finally sleep through the night. There has to be something to them then, right?

Jennifer sent meĀ dōTERRA’s lavender, lemon and peppermint introductory kit. I like lemons in my water, peppermint in my tea, and simply love the smell of lavender, so I knew this couldn’t be a bad deal. And let’s just say it wasn’t.

So I’m still experimenting with all of these, but I can give my other newbies a warning. Clearly a novice, the first thing I did was to rub peppermint all over my belly when I read it helps with an upset stomach. I clearly put way too much on as my stomach, as it quickly felt like it was on fire . . . with peppermint.Ā Wellness Mama has a great blog post about the best ways to use essential oils. Apparently, most essential oils should be diluted with coconut or almond oil before applying directly on the skin. Whoops! (For all my moms-to-be, the same blog talks about which oils are safe for pregnancy).

Besides that little fluke, I’m enjoying experimenting with the oils. If anything, simply taking a big wiff of lavender makes me happy, which makes sense since lavender is known for itsĀ ability to calm and eliminate nervous tension, as well as eliminate anxiety and emotional stress. None of that applies to me of course. LOL

I did just order my own spray bottles and diffuser off of Amazon, so it does look like I’m on my way to joining the ranks of essential oil groupies. If you’re interested, I’d reach out to Jennifer Abbott on her instagramĀ @oilybabies.



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