How To Successfully Dress Your Mummy Tummy

Do I have six-pack abs? I’m guessing that you might think I do . . . but I don’t. My stomach definitely looks better than in this early postnatal recovery pic above, but the reality is since baby #2 and developing a diastasis recti my days of flat abs, let alone a six-pack, are far and few in between.

But Sara you say . . . you look so great in your Instagram photos! Here’s the deal – not only do I know how to find the right angles in the few selfies that I do take but I’ve found clothes that flatter that area of my body and make me feel confident.

We all deserve to feel good in our clothes, so the first thing I would encourage you to do is get rid of and donate those clothes that no longer make you look or feel good. Stop hanging on (and trying on) those pre-baby jeans that you keep promising yourself will fit one day. How about when and if the time comes where you’ve met that goal (and I’m not saying that should be your goal), you treat yourself to a new pair? In the meantime, stop torturing yourself and find clothes that feel good.

So here are my top four fashion¬†go-tos that will fit and flatter your belly, no matter what it looks like right now. (By the way, these are also great recommendations in case you are trying to hide a pregnancy). I’m also sharing some links to video clips with some of my favorite pieces on so you can see how they look and more importantly – how they move.


1. Subscription Boxes

So there are a lot of great things about subscription boxes, but I feel like the reason they have worked for finding items to successfully dress my mummy tummy is because I’ve been beyond honest with the stylist assigned to me. In case you’ve never done a clothing subscription box, you fill out a survey where you have the option to write down where your problem areas lie and add personal requests. For instance, you could say, “My mid-section has been a problem area for me since having a baby. I’d really love some shirts to help flatter and cover his area.”¬†The key is you must be HONEST. You are assigned a stylist. If you don’t tell them your specific needs, you’ll probably end up with a box that doesn’t fit or look good. If you want to receive items that are going to look good on you, you’ll¬†need to tell the truth.

I have two favorite subscription boxes. And by the way, “subscription” does NOT mean, you have to get it each month, and it doesn’t you have to buy whatever they send you. In most cases, you can pick how often you want to receive a box (It can even just be a one-time thing.) and you only keep what you want. I’ve had boxes where I keep nothing, everything, and anything in between.

I’ve had some great success with¬†Stitch Fix¬†subscription boxes. Now, full disclosure, my sister is a stylist for them and she’s become my stylist, so I obviously have an advantage here on the honesty front. If you do ever want to try Stitch Fix, please feel free to request her: Martha Williams. She’s a mom so she totally gets it! This is one of my favorite tops from this summer. I love how it’s flattering on the upper body and still gives room to breathe around the middle. This was per my request to Martha.


Stitch Fix top

I’ve also received clothing boxes from¬†Bungalow Clothing on occasion. Here’s what I LOVE about Bungalow¬†. . . where StitchFix¬†only sends you 5 pieces in a box, Bungalow has sent me up to 20 pieces at a time. The bad thing is it means I usually buy more but the good thing is I usually find more that fits. By the way, with both companies you can set your price range. The other thing I love about Bungalow is that even though the stylist isn’t my sister, I have developed a really personal relationship with her. I think the main reason is because I can email her directly. HERE is a video of one of my favorite tanks from Bungalow. It’s by Nation which is a pretty expensive brand. The great thing about Bungalow is they do sales – that’s when I’ve bought the most stuff.


If you’ve never tried on a piece by¬†Free People, I highly encourage you to give it a try. Not only is their stuff super fun and fashionable, but most of it is intended to have a loose flattering fit to it. One of my favorite looks is to pair one of their comfy lace bras (which I got hooked on when I was nursing) with a slightly oversized shirt. I love their tops because they can double as workout gear. I often pair their tanks with a fun pair of PrismSport leggings. (Just a heads up, their stuff does run on the bigger side.)

Click HERE to see one of my favorite tanks I got last summer. I have it in a few colors. You can def get an idea of how it’s loose yet still flattering.

Free People also has a lot of dresses and rompers that offer a roomy and comfy fit. I also love their stuff because you can easily dress it up or down.

Free People Romper

Amazon also offers great discounts and out-of-season Free People items. Here’s another one of my fave tanks on Amazon¬†for only $18.00. You can also often find discounted versions at T.J. Maxx or Marsalls.

Free People Tank
Free People Tank

3. PrismSport 

If you follow me on social media, you know my favorite athleisure and workout apparel is PrismSport, mostly because I’m obsessed with their unique and fun printed leggings that hold your legs in and feel comfy all day long. The fit of these pants helps with the mummy tummy for sure, especially their newest line which has a high waistband (you can also roll it down if that’s not your thing). The best part about this particular pair I’m sharing is that they are reversible, so in my mind that’s a two for one deal! By the way, I’ve also worn these pants out with a pair of sassy boots!

Prismsport Contour High-Waisted Reversible Legging - Scroll/ Sahara
Prismsport Contour High-Waisted Reversible Legging – Scroll/ Sahara

It’s not just their leggings that will help you look good but some of their tops dress the mummy tummy very well. My favorites are the Freedom Tank and the Muscle Tank. You can see how the Muscle Tank moves well without clinging to you in this press appearance I recently did. I tried to find the best footage that showed you profile and¬†front versions. You can watch it HERE.

If you do decide to give PrismSport a try, I’d love to offer you a great discount. By using code¬†ACTSH1¬†¬†at checkout you can get 30% off your first order plus FREE shipping. If you’ve used my code before, you can use it again but will receive 15% off.

4. Bella Tanks

When I made my Expecting MORE¬ģ pregnancy workout program, I wanted to have a tank that went along with it. Not just one that would fit during pregnancy, but one that would look good in postnatal recovery as well. I still wear this tank at least once a week and my boys are now 5 and 2. It’s just so flattering. Go HERE to see what the back looks like as well.


Expecting MORE Bella Tank
Expecting MORE Bella Tank

I totally get if you don’t want a tank that says Expecting MORE¬ģ on it. I also buy plain Bella tanks off of Amazon¬†for less than $10.00. Click HERE to see one last video so you can see how this Bella Tank moves.

These are my fashion go-tos, Mama! I hope you’ll find something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. I’d love to hear if you want to see more posts like this. I’m trying to get better at sharing my secrets with you! Remember to share with moms in your life that you think will find this helpful.


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