A Thankful Body is a Healthier Body

It’s been heavy on my heart lately how much glorification I’ve seen of superficial health and fitness goals on social media – the “six-pack abs,” “thigh gaps” and quotes insinuating “what’s your excuse?”  These types of posts that claim to be motivating, often leave those of us wanting to be inspired feeling hopeless or depressed instead.

I thought why not remind everyone, especially during this time of the year, what we should really be celebrating and sharing. Let’s share more authentic fitness and wellness goals that focus on being thankful for what our bodies actually DO for us rather than what they look like. I can’t think of a better month to celebrate what we are most thankful for than November. 

As women, and especially as moms, we often look in the mirror and all we can see are bodies that aren’t quite what they once were. Instead of embracing the positive, we only see the negative. I know I’ve had these disapproving moments and thoughts. To get myself out of that self-deprecating mindset I often remind myself of things like, “My feet that no longer fit in those shoes (since having 2 babies) and feel more tired than ever, travel about with not only me but sometimes the weight of my two little boys.” “My tummy that no longer feels as tight as it used to be has helped carry and develop two amazing human beings.”  We so often beat ourselves up for our body changing where we should really be THANKING our body for changing; it has done (and can do) such miraculous things.

So I thought, it could be an interesting and rewarding to share a post of something that represents (to you) how grateful you are for your body, from your eyes that help you see the amazing world we live in to your knees that bend and help you run. It can be a picture of living life, working out, or a close up on the body part you think is great – as abstract or concrete as you want it to be. (No dirty thoughts aloud here – although you can be thankful for those body parts too. LOL). Maybe write a reason why you are thankful for your body or that specific part in particular.


For instance, in this picture I said, “Day 1 of #BodyBeThankful: I am so thankful for my strong back and legs (thank you squats), so I can pick up my kids with success and no pain!” Post from now until Thanksgiving using the hashtag #BodyBeThankful to share how proud and grateful you are for all that your body can do for you (and for those you love). Feel free to share this with anyone else you think this campaign might resonate with. 

If anything, I really just hope that you’ll take the time out this month to remind yourself how amazing your body is and to be thankful for what you have. We get older, we have children, life happens and things change . . . sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. For me, Thanksgiving is all about reminding ourselves how fortunate we are for what we DO have, so let’s take this opportunity to embrace those things that we sometimes forget to be thankful for the rest of the year.

Remember it’s a campaign (to raise awareness), not a challenge, so post as often (or as little) as you want. If you do, make sure to add to the post hashtag #BodyBeThankful and tag me @sarahaleyfit along with my 14 co-hosts: @ashleylwiseman @erinkreitzshirey @estutland @fitlifeproductions @francie_doherty_train4yourlife @heidikristoffer @jennifergalardi @kristinmcgee @meaghanbmurphy @mikekarpenko @PJStahl @rachelvfitness @sarahaleyfit @the_mama_sagas @willpower.silk so we can see your posts and support you too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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