willPower is Back in My Life

And it should be in yours too!

I don’t know a better way to start off the new year than to add some willPower back into my life . . . and by willPower, I mean willPower & graceĀ®. That’s right . . . I will finally be teaching it at the Equinox in Santa MonicaĀ on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm, beginning this week, January 7th!

Okay, so now you’re confused, right? Ā You thought I was talking about willPower, as in the ability to make a change using the power of your mind. Actually that is what I’m talking about, via group fitness! Ā I’m talking about using willPower to make a change in your body which will effect your mind and your life. Ā I know, I know . . . it sounds like I’m getting all Mind/Body on you. So maybe I am a little, but this class is not what you expect . . . it’s sweaty, it’s fat-burning, it’s intense, it’s empowering, it’s muscle-building, it’s musically motivating, and it’s core-strengthening. Sounds like everything you’d ever want out of a group fitness class, right? Yes, it’s a fusion class (so you’ll recognize a whole bunch of stuff you’ve done before from squats to planks) and you do the entire thing barefoot with no equipment. For those of you who have done my Sweat UNLIMITED downloadable workouts/DVDĀ or are currently doing my 30-Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge, you know I’m all about no equipment. This class is right along those lines. Plus, by training barefoot, you’ll strengthen your body from the ground up, and you’ll do it all in one hour, while getting the benefits of cardio, strength & flexibility conditioning.

So, I hope if you are in the Los Angeles vicinity (or know someone who is) that you’ll come to class this week (or maybe even this month), to practice some willPower. I promise you won’t regret it. Ā I discovered willPower & graceĀ® in New York City seven years ago. Ā I unknowingly stepped into class with Christine D’Ercole at the 44th/Lexington Equinox and was blown away about how inspiring and fun I felt not only during class but how strong and motivated I felt after class as well. I was hooked and not only eventually became a willPower & graceĀ® instructor, but I was also a Teacher Trainer for the program for several years (before motherhood turned my world upside down). The creator, Stacey Lei Krauss, has been both a mentor and friend of mine; her work speaks for itself, as she has a team of incredibly talented instructors and willPower & graceĀ® is now practiced all around the world. So c’mon . . . try something new in 2015 and come practice willPower with me.

Please leave a comment in the section below if you’d like to come to class and workout with me! Ā I’d love to have you. Ā And if you can’t come, let me know how you plan on practicing your own willPower in 2015.


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