Even Mommies Make Mistakes

My almost 4-year-old, Landon, and I read this book once about how “even Mommies make mistakes.” Landon thought it was hilarious and now loves calling me out when I make a mistake.¬†“Mommy, remember that time you made a mistake, and forgot to buckle me in?” “Yes, Landon, but that’s not really funny. It’s actually dangerous.” Luckily, he now reminds me, if I happen to forget, before I start driving away. And yes, that only started happening since Liam arrived.¬†Don’t judge.

So that leads into my most recent mistake: forgetting about Day 29 & 30 in my 30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge. In my defense, this was my first time creating a challenge like this. I had figured 7 days a week for 4 weeks, but alas, that does not equal 30 days (duh!). This only came to me at around Day 22 when I realized I only had 6 more days to go and the last day would be Day 28.

I still want to keep #SayNoToCrunches as a 30 Day Challenge, so we are going to do this: On Day 29 pick your favorite core exercise from each week. ¬†You perform 30 seconds of each of the four exercises (so a 2 minute core segment), followed by 30 seconds of each cardio exercise, followed by 1 minute of rest, repeat 2 more times through (like you’ve been doing). There are seven cardio exercises total, which equals 3 and a half minutes of cardio. On Day 30 you do the same exact thing but increase to 1 minute of each of the core exercises you chose. ¬†Yes, these 2 last days will be challenging, but you can do it! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions

I’m including the sheets from each week in this post too, in case you need them again, in order to make your choices for Day 29 & 30. I hope you all had fun on this challenge, and more importantly, I hope you walked away with a ¬†stronger core. ¬†If you haven’t done the challenge yet, or joined us late, I’d love to hear how you’re doing. I’ve heard from many of you throughout the 30 days. Please leave any¬†feedback – what did you or didn’t you like, which exercises were your favorites, and what kind of challenge you want to do next. It will only help me in creating an even better challenge next time.

SaraHaley#SayNoToCrunchesWeek1 30DayNoCrunches_Week 1_Final


SaraHaley#SayNoToCrunchesWeek2 30DayNoCrunches_Sara Haley2015_Week 2

SaraHaley#SayNoToCrunchesWeek3 30DayNoCrunches_Sara Haley_Week 3

30DayNoCrunches_Sara Haley_Week 4

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  1. I did finish my 30 days : ) That was great! I may do it again starting March 1st.

    Thanks again It really makes it easy to do something everyday when you have a plan.

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